A compilation of Declan Rice showcasing his skills in a new position for Arsenal has gone viral

A compilation of Declan Rice’s performance as an ‘attacking midfielder’ during Arsenal’s match against AS Monaco has gained significant attention online.

Following his £105 million transfer from West Ham United, Rice made his first appearance at the Emirates Stadium.

Mikel Arteta deployed Rice in a more advanced position in the middle of the park against the French side, and the decision paid off.

Rice impressed fans with his display as an ‘attacking midfielder’, showcasing his excellent range of passing and strong link-up play with his teammates.

Playing in a higher position on the pitch, Rice created two scoring chances and completed an impressive 35 out of 37 passes.

Additionally, he established a positive understanding with Thomas Partey, as Partey held back to allow Rice the freedom to operate in his advanced role.

Rice’s performance in this new position has generated excitement among Arsenal fans, who are eager to see how he will continue to flourish in his attacking role.

The viral compilation highlights his adaptability and versatility as a player, making him a valuable asset to his new club.

Speaking after the 5-4 penalty shootout victory over Monaco, Arteta touched on Rice’s versatility and the position he took up on Wednesday.

“I think he has the versatility to play different roles and it’s something that we want to do, especially to maximise the qualities that we have with other players, and they have the ability to play together, and in certain games, we’ll use him in other positions,” he said.

“He played more advanced, he played more as an attacking midfielder. It was the first time that he’s played there. He’s on the journey to get back to his best and adapt to the team.”

Rice’s showing as an ‘attacking midfielder’ excited Arsenal supporters on social media.

One Twitter user wrote: “Created a couple really nice chanced and linked well with Timber and Gabi, think the biggest thing he needs is his fitness levels, seemed out of breathe by 30 minutes, this new role is probably a lot more physically demanding, will take some time.”

A second tweeted: “He created two chances, he will get even better the more he plays there.”

A third added: “Hmmm Rice advanced looks decent.”

A fourth commented: “Cool, calm and collected.”

Rice took to social media to reflect on his first match at his new home following his summer switch.

“Blown away by the reception I received before the game! Loved my first minutes at the Emirates, We keep building & pushing. Thank you Gunners,” he tweeted.

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