A viral compilation showcases Cristiano Ronaldo’s pressing and defensive efforts during his last season at Man Utd

A compilation video highlighting Cristiano Ronaldo’s defensive efforts, including pressing and tracking back, during his recent tenure at Manchester United has sparked discussions.

Manchester United’s Premier League campaign has gotten off to a challenging start under manager Erik ten Hag, with the team losing three of their first five league matches, a situation that hasn’t occurred in 34 years.

Their 3-1 defeat to Brighton also brought an end to their 20-game unbeaten run at home in the Premier League.

The compilation video showcasing Ronaldo’s defensive contributions is noteworthy, as it illustrates the Portuguese superstar’s commitment to both attacking and defensive aspects of the game during his time at the club.

Back in July, Ten Hag said he wanted his side to become a “pressing machine” in the coming months but that so-called press has been disjointed and lacking any real urgency

Indeed, the goal scored by Pascal Gross exemplified Brighton’s well-structured build-up play and patient passing approach. Their 30-pass sequence leading up to the goal was commendable and showcased their ability to maintain possession effectively.

However, the clip also highlights a clear lack of urgency from several Manchester United players. Players like Danny Welbeck and Simon Adingra were afforded too much time and space in dangerous areas, indicating a defensive lapse on the part of Manchester United during that sequence. This defensive vulnerability has been a concern for the team in their recent matches.

The video showcasing Cristiano Ronaldo’s pressing and tracking back efforts during his previous spell at Manchester United has sparked discussions among fans. Some fans have criticized Marcus Rashford’s pressing in a recent match against Brighton, prompting comparisons with Ronaldo’s work rate.

While Ronaldo’s second stint at Manchester United was relatively short-lived, the compilation highlights moments where he actively participated in pressing and tracking back, dispelling the notion that he didn’t contribute defensively. It’s a reminder of his work ethic and versatility as a player, even at an advanced stage of his career.

Ronaldo’s time at Manchester United was marked by mixed performances and challenges, but his commitment to the team’s defensive efforts is evident in these clips.

Erik ten Hag recently said he inherited a club with “no good culture” after it was confirmed that Jadon Sancho would remain on a personal training programme away from the first-team group pending resolution of a squad discipline issue.

“Strict lines is what the club asked me because there was no good culture before I entered last season, so to set good standards, that is what I did and it is my job to control the standards,” he said.

“Of course, it is never someone only makes one mistake, it is a whole process before you come to a certain outcome about strict lines.

“If staff or players or whoever, there is a structure to cross lines so you have to be strong.”