AC Milan players stopped warming up to speak to Thierry Henry, even Paolo Maldini slid in for a hug

AC Milan players were in awe of Thierry Henry and stopped their warm-ups to greet the legendary former footballer ahead of their crucial Champions League clash with Inter Milan.

Henry is part of the ridiculously entertaining CBS Sports crew alongside Micah Richards, Jamie Carragher and presenter Kate Abdo and the team were pitchside at the San Siro as opposed to being in the studio.

The Rossoneri were going through their warm-ups in the background of the shot but many stars went out of their way to greet Henry.

AC Milan icon Paolo Maldini popped over for a hug just under a week after joining CBS’ coverage and turning the trio of former players into fanboys, with Henry even admitting he was scared to play against the Italian rock.

Then compatriot Theo Hernandez embraced Henry before continuing his preparations and Rafael Leao quickly slapped hands with all three pundits – much to the delight of both Carragher and Richards.

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Leao participated in an infamous interview with Carragher where the Portuguese star could not understand his thick scouse accent.

It came after the forward’s glorious assist to set up Olivier Giroud against Napoli and Henry couldn’t help but tell Leao, “He’s a ‘Scouser, sorry. It’s difficult!”.

Presenter Kate Abdo, who is fluent in multiple languages, had to step in to save the day but the studio erupted in laughter as per usual.

However, Abdo had an absolute stinker on the latest broadcast when she made an extremely awkward Champions League gaffe and forgot who she was reporting for.

“Speaking of that, there are some other people who aren’t so blessed to be here tonight,” she began.

“Your Fox Sports…Fox Sports? We’re on CBS! I apologise.”

Carragher and Richards were nearly in tears at the blunder, with Henry pretending to walk off in sheer embarrassment.

“We’re all going to get sacked!” Carragher, joked before adding, “Are there any jobs going at Fox?”

Abdo, who is one of the very best in the game, owned up to her mistake and said: “Oh man, I am about to get fired. Pete I am so sorry. So sorry everybody.”

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