Alexis Sanchez produced bizarre 92nd minute winner for Chile vs Paraguay from a corner kick

Chile vs Paraguay friendly match held in the early hours of Tuesday morning UK time was packed with entertainment.

Chile’s 92nd-minute winner left spectators awestruck, and it’s a moment that almost has to be seen to be believed.

Although CONMEBOL’s qualification group for the 2026 World Cup is yet to begin, the two South American nations went head to head at the Estadio Monumental David Arellano with enthusiasm, providing fans with a thrilling match.

The match was level at 2-2 going into the second minute of injury time.

In the first half, Paulo Diaz scored the opening goal for Chile, but Paraguay turned the tables with Matias Rojas and Gabriel Avalos scoring two quick goals in just two minutes, taking the lead before halftime.

Chile’s record goalscorer, Alexis Sanchez, equalized for his team at 2-2 in the 76th minute. Sanchez went on to play a crucial role in what could be described as the most peculiar game-winner ever witnessed.

Attempting to catch the Paraguay defense off-guard, the former Arsenal star took the corner quickly, despite few teammates present in the box.

While the execution was poor, it resulted in a goal. How? Paraguay’s goalkeeper, Antony Silva, made a blunder by fumbling Sanchez’s feeble cross into his own goal, an error reminiscent of a Sunday League game.

We’ve watched the footage countless times and still cannot work out how Silva managed to spill it, a clanger for the ages…

Video: Chile’s bizarre 92nd minute winner vs Paraguay

The blunder made by Paraguay’s goalkeeper, Antony Silva, was unexpected, especially from a professional at the international level.

It’s the type of mistake one would associate with a grassroots goalkeeper who had consumed twelve pints the previous night.

Silva, with 54 appearances for Paraguay and multiple appearances at Copa America tournaments, is no stranger to high-pressure situations.

Playing for Puebla in Mexico’s Liga MX, he is known for his excellent goalkeeping skills, making his error against Chile all the more surprising.

If this mistake had occurred during a World Cup qualifier, Silva would have been unable to live it down.

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