Amazon Prime introduce new graphic for tonight’s Premier League games, fans are loving it

Football fans online are loving Amazon Prime’s innovative, new graphic for tonight’s Premier League action.

Amazon Prime have the exclusive rights for this week’s midweek games, which includes Aston Villa vs. Manchester City and Manchester United vs. Chelsea.

They’re currently broadcasting Luton Town vs Arsenal as well as Wolves vs. Burnley.

And during the league clash at the Molineux, Amazon Prime revealed a new graphic to their broadcast that has fans on social media loving the new feature.

Burnley were forced into an early substitution in the first-half as Johann Berg Gudmundsson replaced Luca Koleosh.

After the change, Amazon Prime revealed a set of bars above the scoreboard, which indicates how many substitutions each team have left.

Image: Amazon Prime

Fans on social media loved the introduction of the substitution graphic bar.

One X user wrote: “These Amazon graphics are really nice. Like the How many subs there is left for each team.”

A second tweeted: “I know Amazon are losing their Prem rights next go around but I like that they’re still trying to innovate. This scoreboard including remaining subs will be picked up by others.”

A third added: “Amazon adding the little grey lines for how many subs remain is wonderful.”

A fourth said: “Obsessed with amazons little subs indicator on the scoreboard.”

Another commented: “Oh I like that subs remaining graphic!!”

What’s your take? Let us know.

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