Analysis video of how Arteta has completely transformed Arsenal is so good it’s gone viral

Second-best goals for in the Premier League, third-fewest goals conceded, and first in the table – Mikel Arteta has turned Arsenal into a dominant side this season.

And now, a video has gone viral which breaks down how he has managed to transform his team.

Arteta had endured a mixed managerial career at the Emirates up until the start of this season, finishing eighth twice and then fifth last season, during which some Arsenal fans had called for the club to sack him.

That, however, all seems to be a dot in the rear-view mirror now, with the Spaniard’s squad performing at the highest level consistently.

The Gunners are in an excellent position to win their first league title since 2004, with eight points separating them and Manchester City in second place.

And Arteta’s transformation has been excellently broken down in a new viral video on Twitter, with content creator H explaining how he’s turned Arsenal into one of the best teams in world football.

How Arteta transformed Arsenal

For people who are unfamiliar with his content, H’s videos dissect the performances of sides and how managers set them up.

Be it talking about his own team Manchester United, charting the rise of Will Still at Reims, or breaking down how Xavi made Barcelona great again, he offers incredible insight into the world of football tactics.

But hislatest poston Arsenal has exploded on Twitter, with more than one million people viewing his work.

The video pays particularly close attention to Arsenal’s shape, with H pointing out how fluid Arsenal are in attack compared to how they are set up on paper.

Ben White and Oleksandr Zinchenko’s roles are of particular interest, with Arteta shifting from a 4-3-3 to a 3-2-5 or a 2-3-5 formation when going forward.

This allows the five at the front to attack the half spaces and out wide, and the attacking numbers often increase to six or seven to break teams down, with H also pointing out that any threat to the backline is negated by factors like Arsenal’s counter-press and their elite defenders.

Arteta has made Arsenal ‘inevitable’

“When Arsenal do commit this amount of bodies into the last line of offense, it makes it virtually impossible to resist a goal,” H highlights, pointing out that to negate this, their opponents reduce their counter-attacking threat by bringing offensive players back to defend.

Arteta has seemingly built a system that has made Arsenal so dominant going forward – or “inevitable” as H describes it – while also being incredibly secure at the back.

“Regardless of money spent, what Mikel Arteta has managed to do with these players so far this season is a miracle, and no one can take the shine off what they’re doing right now,” he says to round the video off.

Once again, an excellent breakdown of a side from one of the best football content creators in the business.

Watch: Arsenal’s transformation under Arteta

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