Andre Onana faces accusations of being ‘delusional’ for statements made in an interview after the loss against Tottenham Hotspur

Andre Onana confidently asserted that Tottenham Hotspur did not outperform Manchester United after their triumph in the Premier League.

In the Saturday evening match, United found themselves outplayed by Ange Postecoglou’s team.

A goal by midfielder Pape Sarr along with an own goal from United’s Argentine center-back Lisandro Martinez secured a crucial 2-0 win for the North London club.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the match, goalkeeper Onana boldly claimed that Spurs were not the better side on the day.You can watch it below

He said: “No. I don’t think they were better than us.”

Fans were quick to react on social media.

One said: “Onana just said Spurs weren’t the better side. That sums it perfectly. You can’t improve as a club if you don’t accept where you are.”

Another tweeted: “If Onana genuinely thinks Spurs weren’t the better side then they’re in for a long season.”

A third fan added: “Onana doesn’t think Spurs were the better side !!! Is he getting the teams mixed up ? Does he think Spurs were in red?”

Someone else wrote: “Onana thinks they were the better side??? Delusional”

United boss Erik ten Hag said: “We created the chances, the first half was completely ours and then you have to score. We created the chances but we didn’t put them in the net.

“Also we deserved a penalty. We didn’t get it, so you have to accept it. That’s the way the game is. So it was not our day.”

He added: “I see the start as a few more games. We are disappointed today. We have to look at ourselves to score our chances, and we did not. The first goal is very important in Premier League games.”

United will be back in Premier League action next weekend as they take on Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

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