Andre Onana is chipped from the center circle during his Old Trafford debut against Lens

Making his debut at Old Trafford, Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana faced a surprising setback in a pre-season clash against Ligue 1 team RC Lens, conceding a goal from 40 yards.

The 27-year-old former Cameroon international, who recently transferred to the Premier League club from Inter Milan for a reported £47.2 million, showcased impressive performances for significant stretches during United’s pre-season tour of America.

However, he was caught off guard in the 23rd minute of the Saturday game, as the French side RC Lens took an unexpected 1-0 lead courtesy of a strike from Florian Sotoca.

In the video footage below, United’s full-back Diogo Dalot lost possession due to a sloppy pass, allowing former Montpellier striker Florian Sotoca to capitalize with a first-time long-range shot.

Sotoca deserves recognition for his audacious attempt from a distance that propelled his team into the lead. Nevertheless, some have raised inquiries about Andre Onana’s positioning during the play.

Here’s how social media reacted to the goal.

One fan said: “This isn’t Onana’s fault really, he’s positioned where he should be for where Utd had the ball. But remembering the slander Ramsdale got for a similar goal against Sporting, it’ll be amusing to watch certain people change their tune how it’s their GK.”

A second wrote: “Prats will blame Onana for that goal. It’s Dalot’s pass. Any keeper who is a sweeper keeper is in big danger of getting beaten in that scenario,” while a third commented: “People are gonna blame Onana for that like he should expect his defence to misplace a 3yd pass.”

A fourth said: “United fans were gassing up Onana for half the season only for him to get chipped from the halfway line on his Old Trafford debut I’m crying.”

A fifth added: “This goal gives Onana a gentle warning for his positioning.”

Manchester United moved quickly to replace goalkeeper David De Gea this summer after the Spaniard failed to agree terms on a new contract.

The 32-year-old goalkeeper, who recorded a record-breaking 190 clean sheets in 545 appearances during a 12-year spell at Old Trafford, said it was the “right time to undertake a new challenge” following his exit.

But many were still unhappy with the way his departure was handled, including Wrexham goalkeeper Ben Foster, who also sent a warning to Andre Onana about getting “caught out”.

“Onana is a very confident player, I’ve seen him doing Cruyff turns and this kind of stuff,” he toldThe United Stand. “But it will only take one or two for him to get caught out.

“Then it makes you start thinking maybe you shouldn’t do that. Hopefully he hits the ground running but it’s not as easy as that sometimes.”

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Foster did, however, praise Onana’s technical abilities, although he raised questions over whether the United backline will be able to handle such an intense playing-style.

“He’s obviously a very, very modern goalkeeper and that’s what it is nowadays,” he added. “If Manchester United wanted to improve and progress, they had to sign Onana. That’s the way that it goes and it’s as simple as that.

“Whether or not the players around him are ready for that and be able to deal with constantly playing out from the back and him stepping up, acting like a real sweeper-keeper.

“I’ve seen the way he plays and he’s super high up, comfortably comes running out with the ball. That remains to be seen [if his team-mates are ready for that]. It’ll be an interesting one but I do think it’s the right move, probably.”

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