Antonio Rudiger’s bizarre antics for Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano

There are some players that have a certain special something that makes them stand out from the rest. Real Madrid’s Antonio Rudiger is one of them.

His character and personality on the pitch is always incredibly entertaining to watch, with fans never quite knowing what to expect.

Characters like this have always existed in football, those who fans are that extra bit more fond of due to their unpredictable nature. Players like Eric Cantona were early examples of this, where fans were on the edge of their seat and didn’t know if they were about to see something magical or downright crazy.

Now that Rudiger has left the Premier League for the dizzying heights of Real Madrid, fans in England see far less of his weekly antics, something that is missed by Chelsea fans in particular. However, a video has surfaced from Madrid’s La Liga game over the weekend that has assured fans that the German defender is still very much up to his old tricks.

Rudiger’s antics from the weekend go viral

Madrid were playing Rayo Vallecano at home in a game that ended in a frustrating 0-0 draw, leaving Rudiger’s side two points behind surprise package Girona at the top spot of La Liga. Despite the unfavourable result, this video of the German international was a funny moment to give Madrid fans something to smile about in an otherwise dull game.

The towering 6″ 3′ centere half is seen ushering the ball out of play down by the corner flag, using his body in a very animated fashion to hold the Vallecano player off him. Rudiger then kicks the ball of the opposing player, resulting in Madrid regaining possession. In celebration at this successful defensive move, Rudiger runs over to Florian Lejeune and pushes him over with two hands, before allowing him to get up before pushing him again.

The two then embrace in somewhat of a hug with Lejeune looking bemused as he waits the referee’s arrival, with the strangest part coming when Rudiger then leans in to whisper into the ear of his opponent, almost looking like he was kissing him on the cheek!

Almost playing out like a sketch scene, Rudiger is the perfect pantomime villain as he is then seen happily accepting the yellow card from the referee, before getting on with the game. He is certainly one of those players that you would love on your team, but hate to play against.

Video: Rudiger’s bizarre antics from Real Madrid’s last game

This time, however, Rudiger and his wild ways were not enough to help his team over the line, with Madrid failing to capitalise and get all three points.

Chelsea’s fans and neutrals alike can say that the Premier League is definitely less fun with this guy no longer around, but Blues fans may feel less stressed now knowing his antics are another team’s problem now!

Madrid now look ahead to their Champions League match against Braga on Wednesday, with Rudiger and co. looking to get back to winning ways, with as little drama as possible.

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