Arsenal fan brilliantly proves why Alejandro Garnacho was offside with a video breakdown

An Arsenal fan has undertaken an analysis of the offside decision that led to Alejandro Garnacho’s goal for Manchester United being disallowed during their Premier League clash on Sunday.

Arsenal secured a 3-1 victory in a thrilling match that witnessed late goals from Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus.

However, it appeared that the outcome could have been different when Garnacho believed he had given United the lead in the 88th minute.

The Argentine forward made a well-timed run behind the Arsenal defense, received a pass from Marcus Rashford, and slotted the ball beyond Aaron Ramsdale.

Yet, VAR reviewed the goal and determined that Garnacho was narrowly offside when Rashford’s pass was played.

An Arsenal supporter has since conducted an analysis of the offside decision, explaining why the call was the correct one.

You can watch the clip below.

Ten Hag: “It’s not offside. Wrong angle.” Me: Lemme just show you…
by u/zinetx in Gunners

In the video, the fan lines up a solid orange line – similar to the one used VAR – with the pitch markings in order to create a straight angle.

The analysis conducted by an Arsenal fan offers a clear perspective on why Alejandro Garnacho’s goal for Manchester United was deemed offside during their Premier League clash on Sunday.

In the footage, it’s evident that Arsenal defender Gabriel’s head is positioned behind the offside line, while a portion of Garnacho’s head is ahead of it.

According to the current IFAB law, it constitutes an offside offense if any part of a player’s body that can score (head, body, or feet) is situated in front of the second-last opponent and closer to the opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent.

Following the disallowed goal, the camera cut to Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag on the sidelines, who appeared to be furious. Ten Hag later stated, “You saw the game. It was not offside. Wrong angle.”

However, the analysis presented appears to support the decision of the match officials, and Manchester United couldn’t prevent Arsenal’s late surge in injury time, which resulted in goals from Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus, securing a memorable victory for Arsenal.

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