Ben White and Phil Foden engaged in a ‘frosty’ exchange just moments before Kyle Walker’s altercation with Arsenal staff

Ben White and Phil Foden reportedly had a ‘frosty’ exchange after Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Manchester City on Sunday.

The match was tight and cagey, with Gabriel Martinelli scoring the winning goal for Arsenal in the 86th minute, sending the home crowd into celebration. This marked the second time that Mikel Arteta had defeated his former colleague Pep Guardiola this season, with the first being in the Community Shield back in August.

After the full-time whistle, tensions escalated at the Emirates, and Kyle Walker was involved in an altercation with Arsenal set-piece coach Nicolas Jover. It seems there were some heated exchanges between players as well, with Ben White and Phil Foden reportedly having a ‘frosty’ exchange following the match.

As he left the pitch, Walker refused to acknowledge Jover’s handshake, prompting a touchline brawl between both sets of teams, with Erling Haaland forced to intervene.

However, moments before the commotion, Gunners defender White shared a frosty handshake with Foden. You can watch the footage below.

The exchange between Manchester City’s Phil Foden and Arsenal’s Ben White after the match appeared to be less than friendly, with Foden possibly mouthing something as he shook White’s hand. The Daily Mail reported that the two players continued their feud off the field, with both wearing wry smiles as they headed towards the tunnel.

This isn’t the first time White and Foden have clashed, as White confronted Foden with anger after Arsenal’s 4-1 defeat to Manchester City in April, leading to a scuffle between the players.

On Sunday, White was also seen taunting Jack Grealish as he left the pitch, which prompted an angry response from the Manchester City winger. White appeared to laugh off Grealish’s reaction.

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