Benjamin Mendy interviewed for the first time since being cleared of all rape charges.

Following his retrial at Chester Crown Court, Benjamin Mendy has been acquitted of charges relating to the alleged rape of a woman and attempted rape of another.

Mendy displayed emotional reactions, weeping in court, as he received the not guilty verdict.

In response to the verdict, Mendy provided a concise one-word statement, which was not disclosed in the provided information.

Asked by Sky Sport’s Gary Cotterill if he had anything to say after being cleared of raping a woman, he said: “Alhamdulillah,” which is an Arabic phrase meaning ‘praise be to God’.

Cotterill then followed the former Manchester City defender and continued to quiz him about his professional career.

But the Frenchman, who had a stern expression on his face, refused to answer any of the reporter’s questions.

Speaking outside Chester Crown Court, Jenny Wiltshire, head of serious and general crime at Hickman & Rose solicitors, said: “Benjamin Mendy would like to thank the members of the jury for focussing on the evidence in this trial, rather than on the rumour and innuendo that have followed this case from the outset.

“This is the second time that Mr Mendy has been tried and found not guilty by a jury. He is delighted that both juries reached the correct verdicts.”

Benjamin Mendy arrives at court for his retrial. Image: Getty

She added: “It has been almost three years since the police started investigating this matter. Mr Mendy has tried to remain strong but the process has, inevitably had a serious impact on him.

“He thanks everyone who has supported him throughout this ordeal and now asks for privacy so he can begin rebuilding his life.”

Mendy, who has won three Premier League titles and the World Cup during his career, is without a club following his Man City release last month.

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