Bruno Fernandes & Casemiro trying to copy Marcus Rashford’s silky skill move

A viral video circulating on social media captures an amusing scene where Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford attempts to teach his teammates Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes a slick new skill move.

The footage, which has gained widespread attention, shows Rashford repeatedly demonstrating the skill move to Casemiro and Fernandes.

Despite Rashford’s efforts to guide them through it, even stumbling through it himself at times, neither of his teammates seemed to master the move, with each of their attempts falling short.

The trio engaged in this light-hearted interaction during a training session as part of their pre-season tour in America.

Although the video was recently shared on Reddit and Twitter, it appears to have been captured earlier in the week.

Manchester United pre-season so far

It’s been quite a topsy turvy pre-season so far for Erik ten Hag’s men, picking up four wins, but also tasting defeat on three separate occasions.

Manchester United initiated their series of friendly matches with a strong and impressive performance, securing victories of 2-0 against Leeds United, 1-0 against Lyon, and another 2-0 against Premier League contenders Arsenal.

However, this positive streak encountered a stumbling block for Ten Hag’s squad.

Subsequently, the team faced a string of three consecutive defeats. They were bested 3-1 by League Two team Wrexham, suffered a 2-0 loss against Spanish giants Real Madrid, and experienced a narrow 3-2 defeat at the hands of Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund.

It’s important to highlight that the lineup fielded against Wrexham consisted of an extremely youthful and inexperienced XI.

They have since got back to winning ways, however, beating French side Lens at Old Trafford 3-1 thanks to goals from Rashford, Antony, and Casemiro. That was after going 1-0 down after new goalkeeper Andre Onana was caught out by a shot from the halfway line.

Marcus Rashford teaching Casemiro and Fernandes

Although their focus has now shifted to their final preparatory matches in England ahead of the 2023/2024 Premier League season, it’s a video from their time in the United States that has recently gained immense popularity.

The video captures Marcus Rashford executing a skill move with remarkable finesse. In the background, Casemiro and Fernandes are visibly engaged, showing clear signs of admiration for Rashford’s display.

Their admiration led them to attempt the skill move themselves. Unfortunately, despite their evident enthusiasm, the Portuguese international and the newly appointed club captain both faltered in their attempts. Regrettably, Fernandes lost control of the ball on two separate occasions while trying to replicate the move.

Videos: Casemiro & Fernandes impressed by Rashford’s skill

Case and Bruno trying to copy Rashford’s trick
by u/PradipJayakumar in reddevils

If Bruno Fernandes can’t even do it, you just know how tough the skill must be to complete. We got confused just watching it!

Maybe Casemiro was ahead of the game by not even attempting the skill, he knew just how hard it would be to achieve by watching his teammate successfully do it, but also his other teammate unsuccessfully trying it.

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