Bukayo Saka has England squad in stitches during game of Countdown

Bukayo Saka had his England teammates in hysterics as Gareth Southgate’s side competed in a brilliant game of Countdown at St. George’s Park.

The Arsenal winger went viral during last year’s World Cup for challenging members of the Three Lions squad to a ‘spelling bee’, and the players’ attempts were mixed, to say the least.

Now, Channel 4 has taken things to the next level by hosting an England-themed version of their hit game show, featuring members of the team competing against one another, with Saka as the adjudicator.

The hilarious video even has Rachel Riley, a co-presenter of the hit programme for more than a decade, taking part in proceedings.

Check out the video below:

VIDEO: The England team play Countdown at St. George’s Park

Saka’s amusing blunder as teammates take on Countdown

For those not familiar with the rules, the aim of the game is to identify a word in the English dictionary as long as possible, using nine randomly generated letters.

First up, Leicester star James Maddison took on Tottenham’s Eric Dier, with both players managing just a four-letter word on their first go.

After Saka was asked if there were any better suggestions, the Gunners star was left looking red-faced after incorrectly pronouncing the vitamin ‘Thiamine.’

“Bukayo, could you have done any better than a four?”, asked Riley.

“There’s actually a vitamin they missed out on. ‘Thee-a-min’,” responded Saka.

Riley then replied with the correct pronunciation: “Thigh-a-mean”, she said.

This prompted fits of laughter from Maddison, Dier, and other England players watching on.

“How do you say it, Bukayo?”, joked Maddison.

“So is that something you as a footballer have to take, [in order] to take care of yourself?”, asked Riley.

In an attempt to salvage the situation, Saka then sarcastically said: “Yeah it’s important. It’s important. That’s why I expected them to know. I’m a bit disappointed.”

But it was Maddison who had the last laugh, as he asked: “How do you say it?” once more.

Watch the amusing clip below:

VIDEO: Bukayo Saka’s hilarious error as England teammates play Countdown

Who won the game?

In the end, it was Maddison who faced off against Manchester United’s Luke Shaw in the final.

The final nine-letter conundrum was revealed to both as an anagram, that read: “Maroonfit.”

VIDEO: James Maddison and Eric Dier go head-to-head on Countdown

After Riley suggested that the answer was related to a “diamond”, Maddison buzzed in with the correct answer.

“Formation,” he stated.

As his prize, Maddison was presented with a countdown clock and the midfielder looked thrilled.

Whether or not the Leicester man will defend his crown remains to be seen, but we’d certainly love to see it.

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