Carlo Ancelotti defends Vinicius Jr in fiery interview after racial abuse from Valencia fans

Vinicius Jr was racially abused in the match between Valencia and Real Madrid on Sunday afternoon.

The Brazilian reacted angrily to comments made by Valencia supporters in the second half.

Vinicius was later sent off after a melee erupted in stoppage-time.

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Carlo Ancelotti defends Vinicius Jr in fiery interview

Carlo Ancelotti was furious after the match.

He refused to speak about football in his post-match football with Movistar and instead focused on La Liga’s racism problem.

He said, per Marca:“I have spoken with him during the game because the atmosphere was very hot and very bad. I asked him if he wanted to continue.

“It has never happened to me. Not that way. It is unacceptable. The Spanish league has a problem that is not Vinicius. He is the victim. What is there to do? You can’t play football like that.

“I would say the same if we had won. It’s too serious. They insult Vinicius all the time and then they give him a red card. I’m very sad. It is a league with great teams, but we have to remove this. We are in 2023. The only way is to stop the game. It is true that there is a protocol, but you have to go home.”

Ancelotti: ‘The whole stadium yelled ‘monkey’ at Vinicius

He continued: “This can’t go on. He is the player who receives the most fouls and the one who receives the most insults.

“With the red card, the whole stadium yelled at him ‘monkey, monkey, monkey.’ I’m very sad. Nothing like this ever happened to me. He is a child and he wanted to continue, but in these conditions it is very complicated.”

He added: “The player is sad because all he wants is to play football. He wasn’t angry. He was sad. For me we should have stopped the game. It wasn’t a person gone crazy, it was a stadium gone crazy. I have never seen an entire stadium making a racist slur.”

Vinicius reacts to racist abuse from Valencia fans

Vinicius wrote on Instagram after the match:“The prize that racists won was my sending off. It’s not football, it’s La Liga.”

He later released a statement stating racism is normal in La Liga and vowed to keep going despite the vile abuse.

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