Chelsea fans are conflicted over away fans’ actions toward Ben Chilwell following the Bournemouth draw

Chelsea fans expressed their frustration with Ben Chilwell after the team’s goalless draw with Bournemouth.

Despite the disappointing result, Chilwell went over to acknowledge the traveling fans, but instead of receiving applause, he was met with boos and negative reactions from some of the supporters.

This incident reflects the growing frustration among Chelsea fans due to the team’s poor start to the season and their desire for better results.

You can watch footage of the moment below.

Fans have been left divided by the abuse Chilwell received, especially considering he came on with just 10 minutes to go.

But one matchgoer was quick to argue that the frustration was aimed at the team’s performance as opposed to Chilwell individually.

He tweeted: “They weren’t booing Chilwell, they were booing the performance.”

Meanwhile, others called the treatment of the 26-year-old disgusting, with one tweeting: “Disgusting from the fans. He does not deserve this in the slightest.”

“Chelsea fans abusing the one guy who clapped the fan disgusting club,” another chimed in.

However, plenty more suggested that spectators were right to air their frustrations.

“They paid money to watch that awful performance I don’t blame them,” one fan tweeted.

“He was horrible today,” another exclaimed.

Speaking after the game, Mauricio Pochettino pointed the finger towards his injury list, explaining: “I think the fans know if you invest the type of money, there is expectation.

“What I can tell the fans is the circumstance, I cannot change the reality. With all of the squad fit we can compete, we don’t have all of the squad available, what can we do?

However, the Italian admitted that he had to “accept” the fans’ frustration.

“For me, nothing to say, the fans can do this,” Pochettino added. “Twelve injured today, three of four young guys, two keepers on the bench, I am going to cry, I am going to complain, to who? I have to accept this.

“That is the circumstance and we need to accept. We have our opinion, our reality.

“I think we are doing good things, more than people can expect but I told you before the season, Chelsea is about the win. Young players need to feel what it means to be a Chelsea player.

“I can understand emotion, football is about emotion. The fans will help the team win. What can I do? If you said to me today we had all of our players and maybe we cannot win this game.

“Maybe I can tell you yes, we need to think in a different way but with the circumstance we cannot lie to people.

“This squad is new, we need to understand and feel what it is to be player of Chelsea. If you don’t win it’s normal you find different excuses.”