Chelsea teammates couldn’t stop laughing at Joao Felix’s pronunciation of ‘EA Sports’

There has not been much for Chelsea fans to laugh about this season, with the club having one of their worst Premier League campaigns in recent memory.

But a new video published on the club’s social media channels where Joao Felix attempts to pronounce “EA Sports” had Noni Madueke, Armando Broja, and Blues fans all cracking up.

The three players were taking time out of their schedule to film a promotional video with the gaming company.

Felix joined the club in January on loan from Atletico Madrid, where he will be returning once the league season comes to an end.

All Chelsea players will be desperate to get over the finish line, following a disappointing year.

Despite bringing a wealth of talent to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea lie 11th in the league, way short of their pre-season targets.

Felix had his teammates in bits

Chelsea reportedly want to extend Felix’s stay in west London and have even offered Atleti two players in a proposed swap deal.

The attacker has shone in bursts during his six-month loan, scoring three league goals.

But if an agreement can’t be reached, one of his most memorable moments at the club will likely come from this latest video.

Felix joined Madueke and Broja to film an advert for EA Sports, with each player having to say the company’s iconic line, “EA Sports. It’s in the game.”

Initially, Madueke had everyone in stitches, with the former PSV talent putting on an accent for his first attempt.

“You lot can’t crease, we’ll be here forever,” he said as Broja lets out a giggle.

But nobody could keep a straight face when it was Felix’s turn to speak to the camera.

The Portuguese forward has picked up English pretty well during his brief time in London, but his accent resulted in him pronouncing the company, “He, Hey Sports.”

“What is He Hey?” Broja asks while Madueke shrieks with laughter off-camera.

The winger was in tears, so much so that he got Felix to switch places with Broja on set.

But when the loanee has another go, he makes the same error and both his teammates could not keep it together once again.

Neither will most people who watch the video, to be honest – have a look below for some absolute gold.

Video: Felix’s pronunciation of “EA Sports”

God knows how many takes the lads needed.

Fans have been reacting to the clip online, and everyone has been loving it on both Twitter and Reddit.

One fan even had flashbacks of Eden Hazard losing it over Branislav Ivanovic’s accent.

What next for Felix and Chelsea?

With only two more games left this season, Felix and Chelsea fans will be hoping to end as strongly as possible.

However, that is easier said than done, with a trip to Manchester City next for the Blues on Sunday 21 May.

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