Clip of Rasmus Hojlund’s ‘underrated trait for a striker’ shows what he can bring to Man Utd

Manchester United fans are buzzing with excitement about the potential signing of striker Rasmus Hojlund, particularly after witnessing one of his underrated traits.

While goal-scoring prowess is a highly sought-after quality in a striker, it appears that Hojlund brings more to the table.

In a recently shared video clip, an intriguing and lesser-known aspect of his game has come to light, capturing the attention of United fans.

This discovery has sparked excitement among the supporters, as they eagerly anticipate the prospect of seeing him showcase his skills at Old Trafford in the near future.

While it may not be the first attribute that comes to mind when considering the skills necessary for a successful striker, the recently highlighted trait of Rasmus Hojlund is considered vital and could bring significant benefits to Manchester United if he joins the club.

According to Fabrizio Romano’s report on Tuesday, Manchester United is preparing to make an initial bid for Hojlund after reaching a personal agreement with the player.

This news further fuels the excitement among United fans, who eagerly anticipate the prospect of his potential arrival at the club.

What is Rasmus Hojlund’s underrated trait?

The trait, while not one you’d immediately think is an important one for a forward, is Hojlund’s ability to hold up the ball and shield it from his defender once he’s collected it.

The particular skill possessed by Rasmus Hojlund, which allows him to retain possession of the ball and avoid forcing plays when there are no immediate opportunities, is highly valuable.

This skill becomes especially significant considering the potential arrival of goalkeeper Andre Onana at Manchester United, as Onana has a tendency to distribute long balls to the forwards.

Having a striker like Hojlund, who can effectively control the ball and hold off defenders, will provide a crucial advantage for the Red Devils.

It will enable the rest of the attacking players to push forward and actively participate in the team’s offensive moves.

This ability to hold up play and facilitate the team’s progression will be immensely beneficial for Manchester United if Hojlund joins the club.

Rasmus Hojlund’s patient and composed approach in the final third sets him apart from many forwards who might attempt to force opportunities even when there is limited support around them.

This quality allows him to wait for better chances to materialize, resulting in more favorable outcomes.

Additionally, his ability to hold up play effectively often leads to him drawing fouls in advantageous positions, as opposing defenders struggle to dispossess him.

The ability to exhibit such patience and skill is a characteristic of elite strikers, one that greatly benefits their teams.

However, it is often undervalued or overlooked by fans until they have a player on their own team who possesses these qualities. Remarkably, Hojlund’s ability to hold up play and win free-kicks is not the only impressive skill he brings to the team, further enhancing his value and potential impact.

What else will Rasmus Hojlund bring to Manchester United?

If Rasmus Hojlund joins Old Trafford, his contributions won’t be limited to his ability to hold up play and outmuscle defenders.

A key aspect that he will bring to Manchester United is his prowess in front of goal. The team has experienced a noticeable absence of consistent goal-scoring in recent times, and Hojlund’s arrival would provide a much-needed boost in that department.

With his goal-scoring touch, Hojlund has the potential to fill the void and contribute significantly to United’s attacking prowess.

His ability to find the back of the net consistently would address a key area of improvement for the team and offer a valuable addition to their goal-scoring options.

Following his arrival at Atalanta last summer, the 20-year-oldhit double figuresin terms of goals scored, and he should only get more prolific as the years go by. In his first six appearances for the Denmark senior national team, Hojlund has scored six goals, an impressive return that shows he has what it takes to score regularly at an elite level.

He’s also shown he’s comfortable carrying the ball forward, dribbling at an elite level as he comfortably takes on defenders and escapes past them on a regular basis.

His ability to change speed, slowing the game down before bursting past his defender is second to none and will cause defenders in the Premier League plenty of problems if he makes his move to England.

There’s no sugarcoating it either, United desperately need to add firepower to the side after last season and Hojlund would be a huge upgrade up top for them.

Just Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes hit double figures in goals scored during Erik ten Hag’s debut season at Old Trafford, so adding the Atalanta forward to the team will be massive.

His excellent movement off the ball will also surely see the Red Devils reap the rewards, with his ability to lose his defender and get into some truly excellent positions inside the opposition area similar to that of a certain Erling Haaland.

With the likes of Luke Shaw, Rashford and Fernandes supplying balls into the area, expect to see the 20-year-old getting into the right places at the right times numerous times throughout the season, leading to plenty of goals as United seek to build on their third-placed finish last time out.

Hojlund also managed to draw an average ofone foul a gameduring his debut season in Italy, a trait that will prove helpful to a United side with the likes of Rashford and Christian Eriksen on set-piece duty for the club.

He’s also shown in the past that will he has incredible positioning off the ball, getting into the perfect positions to finish off an attacking move, he also is capable of creating shots for himself, dribbling past his defender, creating space and firing on goal, with the below clip a brilliant example of that.

His numerous abilities and traits just go to show how well-rounded a striker Hojlund already is at just the age of 20 years old and as he’s only going to get better as he gets older, signing him now feels like a no-brainer for United and any move for the Dane will be looked at as a bargain for years to come.

Ten Hag’s men exceeded expectations last season, regaining their status as a Champions League club, and while they prepare for their return to the tournament this summer, adding a forward like Hojlund will not only help significantly improve the squad immediately, but it’s also a move that has one eye firmly on the future with the Dane’s best years still ahead of him and if all goes to plan, the club could have found their number nine for the foreseeable future.

With Onana joining the club, and Mason Mount already through the door, adding the Atalanta man will only add to what has been an exceptional summer so far for the Red Devils.

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