compilation of Kendry Paez’s performance for Ecuador has gone viral on social media, Chelsea have a star on their hands

A compilation of Kendry Paez’s performance for Ecuador has gone viral on social media, and Chelsea fans are buzzing with excitement.

Despite being just 16 years old, Paez is currently with Ecuadorian club Independiente del Valle but has already agreed to join Chelsea when he turns 18 in 2025.

He made his international debut against Uruguay, sharing the field with future Chelsea teammate Moises Caicedo, who also came from Independiente del Valle and was signed by Brighton.

In their match against Uruguay, the duo displayed remarkable chemistry, exchanging quick one-twos to bypass the Uruguayan press. Paez left a significant impression during Ecuador’s 2-1 victory in Quito, showcasing his incredible speed and creativity in midfield. You can watch a compilation of his performance below.

Kendry Paez’s impact has been nothing short of historic. Not only did he assist Felix Torres for his country’s second goal, but he also earned the distinction of being the youngest player in history to represent the Ecuador senior national team. In the realm of South American football, he’s the second youngest player to ever grace international football, second only to the legendary Diego Maradona.

Paez has a track record of making history, having become the youngest debutant and goal scorer in the Ecuadorian top division when he netted for Independiente del Valle at the astonishing age of 15.

In May, he also became the youngest goal scorer in the history of the Under-20 World Cup, a fact that understandably has Chelsea supporters brimming with excitement about his development.

Moises Caicedo, Paez’s future Chelsea teammate, spoke highly of the young prospect earlier this year, predicting a bright future for him. Caicedo expressed his admiration, stating, “He’s a prodigy! Honestly, there are times when I watch Independiente games; it’s great to see such talent in Ecuador because we know we have very talented youth.”

Caicedo told La Cancha Con Majo: ‘He’s a crack! The truth is there are times where I watch Independiente games, it’s good to see those talents in Ecuador because we know we have very good youth.

“I’m very happy for him, for everything that he’s doing.

“All I can tell him is keep on the right track, doing things really well, and he’s going to go really far because the talent he has is incredible.”