Cristiano Ronaldo truly underrated as a playmaker, as shown by this amazing compilation

As Real Madrid and Portugal’s all-time top scorer, focusing only on Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning goal record can be tempting.

However, alongside his ability in and around the six-yard box, a new compilation doing the rounds on social media is showcasing just how good the Portuguese superstar was – and still is – as a playmaker.

It’s easy to forget now, but Ronaldo very much started his career as a tricky winger with a less than stellar goals record, more known for his stepovers and tricks than his finishing ability.

Over time, he’d drift further up the pitch, eventually becoming the prolific center-forward that we still see bagging goals for Al Nassr.

But those winger instincts to assist teammates didn’t just vanish from his repertoire, as a viral clip highlights.

You can watch it below.

The two-minute compilation,shared by @Ark_10_, shows Ronaldo at his creative best for Real Madrid, teeing up Karim Benzema from a variety of positions.

Drifting in from wide left, a position he played regularly during his time atLos Blancos, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner plays several through balls, as well as crosses, to his long-time French teammate.

In the seemingly never ending debate over who is the greatest footballer of all-time, a commonly used argument by Lionel Messi fans is that Ronaldo’s creatively isn’t on the same level as the Argentine.

While there is certainly some merit to this argument, with both players fulfilling very different roles on the pitch, Ronaldo is unquestionably capable of being a playmaker – which he showed throughout his dazzling career.

Al Nassr fans might not see Ronaldo assist very often, but Real fans certainly did. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

Indeed, what’s notable about the aforementioned Twitter compilation is that Benzema ends up squandering all of the chances that Ronaldo creates.

One user replied to the original tweet with: “Lmao this Benzema fail comp never gets old”, with another points out that the Frenchman “only got good after 2020” – implying Ronaldo would have a lot more assists to his name if his strike-partner had been more reliable back then.

Others simply replied with Messi compilations, as is to be expected when anything positive is posted about Ronaldo online.

Nevertheless, the video goes to show that CR7’s legacy of scoring goals at a record-breaking rate isn’t the only thing we should remember him for.

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