Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to being ‘hated’ in Argentina encapsulates his essence flawlessly

Cristiano Ronaldo often thrives on negativity, and when confronted with the assertion that he is disliked in Argentina, he responded in his characteristic manner.

The five-time Ballon d’Or awardee’s illustrious playing career will forever be linked with his rival, Lionel Messi. Despite a mutual respect existing between these two legends, numerous fans have taken sides.

Ronaldo frequently faces ‘Messi’ chants during matches, whether representing Portugal or Al Nassr.

In 2020, Paulo Dybala, who has had the unique privilege of playing alongside both these superstars, disclosed that he had informed Ronaldo about the relatively unfavorable sentiment Argentinians held toward him during their shared time at Juventus.

However, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid sensation wasn’t fazed in the slightest.

“On a personal level, I was surprised for good because I did not know him, none of us knew anything about him,” he told DAZN.

“Even in the previous Champions League, we were knocked out against Real Madrid and there had been many crosses.

“But then we found something else, he is an excellent guy, very sociable and friendly inside and outside the locker room. “Always ready to talk, to listen, which surprised me, being an important figure, they are not always like that.

“Once I sat down to talk to him, we were travelling. I said ‘look, if I’m honest, we in Argentina hate you a bit, because of your personality, your way of being, then you really surprised me because I found something else’.

“He laughed because he said ‘I know that’s the way it is, but I know how I am, I’m used to being criticised for that’.”

Ronaldo and Dybala formed a friendship in Turin, with the two memorably combining their two celebrations together after scoring.

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And though most Argentines might not be a fan of him, Ronaldo’s other half Georgina Rodriguez is from the South American country.

Neither Ronaldo or Messi are playing in Europe at the moment but have both achieved success in winning the Arab Club Champions Cup and Leagues Cup respectively.

Ronaldo’s Al Nassr are back in action against Al Fateh on Friday, while Messi makes his MLS debut on Saturday night against New York Red Bulls.

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