Crystal Palace’s Joachim Andersen scores ‘two own goals in five seconds’ just to make sure it crossed line

Joachim Andersen ensured his own goal for Crystal Palace at Wolves by knocking the ball over the line for a second time when it came back out.

In Tuesday evening’s match between Crystal Palace and Wolves, Joachim Andersen scored a rare ‘double own goal’.

The Denmark international defender threw out a leg at a Ruben Neves corner, causing the ball to hit the crossbar and bounce over the line in just the third minute of the Premier League contest at Molineux.

However, he was fortunate that it only counted as one own goal.

However, Craig Dawson flew in to make sure and the ball hit Andersen again, crossing the line for a second time, eliminating the need for goal-line technology.

Andersen complained, presumably about his failure to clear the corner from the near-post, which resulted in the double own goal.

Premier League fans couldn’t help but chuckle. One fan even wrote on Twitter: “He’s basically scored two own goals in one play there. Thankfully, the last 4 games mean I can laugh instead of cry.”

A rival added: “Andersen scored two own goals in about 5 seconds.”

The ball then flicked off Joachim Andersen as it went through his legs (Image: BT Sport

A third posted: “Joachim Andersen there scoring two own goals in one just incase there was any doubt over the first.” A fourth laughed: “Palace scored two own goals there.”

A fifth posted: “Nah but how do you actually score a double own goal.” A sixth concluded: “Warra finish tbf.”

The fixture was a vital one for Wolves, with Palace moving clear of the relegation zone thanks to a 10 point haul from four games under Roy Hodgson.

The Denmark international couldn’t believe what had happened (Image: BT Sport)

Aaron McClean said on BT Sport commentary: “This is just the start that Crystal Palace would not have wanted. What a ball from Neves into the box, Andersen is running towards his own goal and can’t get his leg out of the way.

“He almost knees it, bar and in, there’s almost nothing he can do. It’s a nightmare start for Crystal Palace.”

Andersen’s last own goal came against Aston Villa just last month – and he’ll be praying that there are no more in the remaining five fixtures.

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