Dele Alli’s biological mother responds to her son’s interview, revealing that she ‘hasn’t stopped crying’

Dele Alli’s biological mother has recently reacted to her son’s deeply emotional interview, expressing her shock at learning about the football star’s childhood trauma.

The midfielder, who currently plays for Everton, displayed immense courage by sharing details about his upbringing, disclosing that he had been subjected to molestation at the age of six by a close friend of his mother.

Speaking on ‘The Overlap‘, he said: “At six I was molested by my mum’s friend who was at the house a lot, my mum was an alcoholic.

“So that happened at six. I was sent to Africa to learn discipline, and then I was sent back. Seven I started smoking, eight I started dealing drugs.”

Dele Alli in action for Everton. Image: Getty

The football community has rallied behind the 27-year-old player, offering messages of support from fellow Premier League stars.

In response to her son’s revelations about the childhood sexual abuse he endured at the hands of one of her friends, Dele Alli’s mother, Denise, has expressed her shock and disbelief.

She asserts that she had no prior knowledge of her son’s traumatic upbringing and shares that she has been overwhelmed with sorrow, unable to stop crying since his interview aired.

“I have not been able to stop crying since I heard my son describe the abuse he suffered as a child,” she toldThe Sun.

“I had no idea he’d been molested.”

She added: “I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart to think that someone I allowed into my house might have betrayed my trust in the worst possible way.

“I cannot put into words how upset I am I no longer have contact with my son – and only hope I’ll have the chance to see him again.”

At the age of 12, Alli was adopted. He then went onto join Milton Keynes Dons’ youth academy, where he graduated to the first team.

He earned himself a move to Spurs, where he enjoyed the best spell of his professional career. He’s back at Everton following a loan spell at Besiktas.

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