Erling Haaland has ‘never sounded as British’ as he did during the Man City photoshoot, as a new clip has emerged

Fans are astounded by the uncanny accuracy of Erling Haaland’s British accent, as evidenced by the latest clip of the Norwegian sensation.

Haaland, who was originally born in Leeds before relocating to Norway as a child, has gained quite a reputation for his comical imitation of the British accent.

The Manchester City striker previously went viral for his impression of John Stones’ Yorkshire accent back in April, with some fans even suggesting that he sounded more like Stones than Stones himself.

In his most recent demonstration of the British accent during Sky Blues’ squad photo shoot, Haaland has once again left fans thoroughly impressed, labeling it possibly his best rendition yet.

You can watch the footage below.

Lining up for the photo, Haaland joked that the Champions League trophy was not for Bernardo Silva, who was striding over to take his place directly in front of the infamous silverware.

Speaking in a James Bond esc accent, Haaland said: “Bernardo can’t have it. Bernardo, that’s not for you.”

Bernardo responded by pointing to the trophy and exclaiming: “this is mine”, before letting out an evil laugh. “I’ll keep the big one in front of me, don’t worry,” he joked.

City boss Pep Guardiola then went and set next to Silva, jokingly placing the trophy in front of him instead.

Fans rushed to social media to laugh at Haaland’s accent, claiming that he has “never sounded so British”.

“He is so British ahahah”, wrote one fan.

“So accurate”, another added.

“THE WAY HE SAYS BERNARDO OMDS, that’s a British man right there” a third remarked.

“That guy ain’t Norwegian,” a fourth joked.

Despite being kept quiet for most of the game, Haaland scored in the 86th minute of City’s 3-1 win over West Ham last weekend, taking his tally to seven goals already in the Premier League.

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