Everton fans unveil a respectful banner in support of Dele Alli during the Premier League opener against Fulham

In a display of solidarity, Everton fans have revealed a thoughtful banner to show their support for midfielder Dele Alli.

Over the past several years, Alli has encountered challenges in recapturing the impressive form he exhibited during his initial years at Tottenham Hotspur.

Dele Alli became a part of Everton during the January transfer window of 2022 with the aim of rekindling his career. Despite his efforts, he faced difficulty in securing a regular starting position and subsequently spent the 2022/23 season on loan at Turkish Super Lig club Besiktas.

The banner raised by Everton fans reflects a compassionate gesture, acknowledging Alli’s journey and expressing encouragement during this phase of his career.

Ahead of the new campaign, Alli took part in a highly emotional interview with former Manchester United player Gary Neville, in which he revealed the struggles he faced when he was growing up.

Alli also opened up about the mental health problems he has had to deal with during his interview with Neville.

He said: “Like one morning I woke up. I had to go to training, this is when he’d [Mourinho] stopped playing me,” Alli explained, “I remember just looking in the mirror. I mean it sounds dramatic, but I was literally just staring in the mirror and I was asking if I could retire now at 24?

“You know, doing the thing I love. For me that was heartbreaking.”

On the back of the interview, Everton fans showed support for Alli by unveiling a new banner during their first Premier League match against Fulham on Saturday.

The banner read: “We are with you Dele, together we are stronger.”

Everton manager Sean Dyche spoke about Alli ahead of the new season.

He said: “He is still not over his injury yet. He is well in himself but he is not over his injury.

“We are miles away from that [thinking about his role in the squad], he is just getting himself right again. He is feeling good and now we will be working with him, on top of that, to make sure the injury is right. But it is still going to be a bit of time yet.”

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