Every Andre Onana mistake that cost Man United a goal in the Champions League

It has not been a good Champions League campaign for Manchester United to say the least. They may not have been expected to finish ahead of Bayern Munich at the top of Group A. Still, qualification certainly felt possible with Copenhagen and Galatasaray also in the mix.

The Red Devils were woeful throughout their brief campaign, winning just one of their six games, drawing the other, and losing the remaining four. Even despite their poor form, they still had a shot at getting out of the group on the final match day. However, Erik ten Hag’s men went out with a whimper, losing 1-0 at home to Bayern.

In the group, Copenhagen surprised many as they finished second, beating Galatasaray 1-0 in Denmark to qualify for the round of 16. This also meant that the Turkish side would drop in the Europa League, leaving Man Utd with no European football to play for the rest of the season as they finished dead last.

One key issue has been at the back. This is evidenced by the fact that United conceded 15 goals across their six outings, which is a record for English clubs in the Champions League group stage. It’s fair to say they have not been helped by their goalkeeper Andre Onana, who has struggled throughout the competition.

TNT Sports have released a compilation of all the goals conceded by the Red Devils in Europe and it does not make for pretty viewing. Indeed, it contains a catalogue of errors from the new number one.

With that being the case, atGIVEMESPORT, we’ve decided to analyse what went wrong for every goal conceded as a consequence of Onana’s poor goalkeeping. We have kindly left out any goals that were not his fault in an obvious sort of way.

Leroy Sane
Bayern Munich 4-3 Manchester United

Having made the final of the 2022/23 Champions League,keeping eight clean sheets in 13 gameswith Inter Milan, Onana arrived in Manchesterfor £47.2m in the summerwith a great reputation. Just 28 minutes into his European debut with the club, it had been sullied.

Leroy Sane played a quick one-two on the edge of the box with Harry Kane, before firing a shot at goal. It wasn’t a powerful strike and looked to be well within the goalkeeper’s grasp, but somehow the 27-year-old fumbled it in. He would concede three more times as Bayern triumphed in a seven-goal thriller. At least this was the only glaring error on the night.

Wilfried Zaha
Man United 2-3 Galatasaray

In their second group match, Ten Hag’s men played out and lost another thriller, losing 3-2 at home this time to Galatasaray. Of course, it had to be former Red Devil Wilfried Zaha who scored the first of three for the away side.

A long ball was lofted over the top and Diogo Dalot made a complete mess of trying to deal with it. In fairness, the defender is most at fault for this goal, but Onana didn”t cover himself in glory. He could rush off his line to help his struggling teammate out by challenging for the ball, but instead stood stationary, like a deer caught in the headlights. Zaha then volleyed the ball into the ground which looped agonisingly over the poorly positioned goalkeeper.

Mauro Icardi
Man United 2-3 Galatasaray

In the very same game, Mauro Icardi sealed the three points for Galatasaray in the 81st minute. Once more, the defence was at fault, parting like the Red Sea as the striker raced through on goal. Still, they would have hoped for a more impactful last line of defence from the man between the sticks.

As with the Zaha goal, Onana remained frozen in his spot. He failed to close down the angle by charging out towards Icardi. Despite this, his positioning was so wayward again that he managed to get lobbed while standing on the edge of his own six-yard box.

Lukas Lerager
Copenhagen 4-3 Man United

It certainly feels as though a theme is beginning to emerge here. The Man Utd defenders make a mistake; Onana fails to come to any sort of aid as he stays rooted to his line; consequently, the Red Devils lose by the odd goal in a thriller.

Indeed, with Ten Hag’s side winning 3-2 on the night, a ball was lofted towards the far post. Dalot, yet again, failed to deal with the threat. At this point, Lukas Lerager ofCopenhagenconnected with the cross to volley home from just a few yards out. Had Onana just stepped forward of his line a little bit, he would have quite possibly made a save, having narrowed the angle significantly. Instead, the ball bounced just past him and into the back of the net.

Hakim Ziyech
Galatasaray 3-3 Man United

On game week five, United were in desperate need of a win and looked to be heading for all three points in Istanbul as they raced to a two-goal lead inside the first 20 minutes. That momentum would be lost before the half-hour mark thanks to an unfortunate goalkeeping error.

Chelsea loanee Hakim Ziyech stood over the ball for Galatasaray and curled his freekick around the wall. Despite his effort angling almost directly down the middle of the goal, Onana completely misjudged it, stepping too far to one side in expectation of the ball going over his wall. His over-compensation occurred too late to fix, as the ball flew past him in a flash.

Hakim Ziyech
Galatasaray 3-3 Man United

Lighting struck twice in this game as Ziyech scored another freekick for the Turkish giants. Once more, he owed a debt of gratitude to the United shot-stopper who essentially threw the ball into the back of his own net.

This is quite possibly the worst of all the errors made by the Cameroon international as the ball was fired into the box. It was a bit of a cross-shot, but neither attacker nor defender made any contact with the delivery. The strike flew directly at Onana who inexplicably tried to punch it away with one hand, instead of just catching it. He tamely deflected the ball underneath his body, allowing it to bounce over the line. The 27-year-old looked unsurprisingly despondent at full-time.

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