Fan observes a genius tactic for Lionel Messi’s free kick,the keeper didn’t stand a chance

A fan has keenly observed a brilliant tactic employed by Argentina for Lionel Messi’s remarkable free-kick goal against Ecuador during their recent World Cup qualifying match.

In a closely contested encounter on Thursday night, reigning world champions Argentina managed to secure the victory with Messi’s stunning free-kick in the 78th minute.

The fan has since shared their insight by highlighting the genius tactic used by Argentina for Messi’s free-kick. You can view the footage below.

The fan wrote: “The importance of the 3 Argentine players in the wall is crazy. They block the goalkeeper who can’t see was the ball is hit.

“They move before the kick to suggest that Messi will shoot on the goalkeeper’s side. Once he sees the ball, too late.”

After the match, Messi said: “It was shown in the two friendlies and today, by the points, that this group is not going to relax beyond what it achieved. It was historic, extraordinary.

“We know that if we go down a little they will pass us over. There are going to be tough matches like this. Defeats, surely. We have to be as we are now, with our feet on the ground. Fight every game as we have been fighting since Scaloni started with All this.”

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Messi added: “Now that we are world champions, even more. That’s why we can’t go down. We even have to go up a little more than we were doing. The demand in each game is maximum and, surely more and more.”

Whilst Argentina boss Lionel Scaloni said: “When I started, I didn’t know that I was going to be there for five years, exactly. It seems like it was recently, there were difficult moments and, if you remember that, you realize that time has passed. You go improving with experience and matches.

“I’m proud of the match that the boys played, it was incredible. It was played to the limit as a Qualifying match has to be played.”

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