Fans are echoing identical sentiments about Marcus Rashford following his latest comments

Marcus Rashford’s recent comments about injuries could potentially upset Manchester United fans.

The 25-year-old Rashford, who emerged from the Red Devils’ academy, boasts an impressive record of 123 goals in 359 matches.

He secured a sixth-place position in the Premier League’s goalscoring charts in the previous season.

Having frequently been the go-to player for goals, especially following Cristiano Ronaldo’s contentious departure in November 2022, Rashford believes he could enhance his goal tally even further by maintaining his fitness.

He has set his aspirations on surpassing Wayne Rooney’s record for the all-time leading goalscorer at United.

Talking to Gary Neville onThe Overlap, Rashford said: “Towards the end of the season, I was struggling with a few injuries, and I wasn’t quite at it – that’s when the goals started to dry up for a bit. If I can keep that side of it under [control], I feel like I can go on and get 35 or 40.”

Meanwhile, some fans reckon the England international has been using injuries as an excuse for years after oneTwitteruser dragged up past quotes from Rashford when he said something similar.

Speaking back in May 2021, Rashford blamed United’s Europa League final penalty shootout defeat to Villarreal on the side’s injury problems.

“I could walk you into the dressing room, I could show you five, six, seven players and me as well who had injuries here, from September, the beginning of the season,” he toldESPN.

Go back to June 2020, and Rashford explained that his injury hindered what would have been his “best season to date”.

“For me personally I felt I was having my best season to date before the injury hit so now I’m back fully fit I’m determined to push on,” the forward toldStretty News.

More recently, Rashford explained his desire to break Rooney’s all-time United goal record, revealing that Rooney “wants” him to do it.

“Hopefully I will [break Wayne Rooney’s all-time United goal record],” Rashford said on The Overlap podcast.

“You never know what’s going to happen but I’m all about scoring goals and trying to make assists. There’s a chance that it can happen. I’ve spoken to Wazza [Rooney] about it — he wants me to do it. He said it would be good for me to do it as I’ve grown up at the club. Hopefully I get the opportunity to try to make it happen.”

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