Fans Can’t Work Out Whether This Kalvin Phillips Touch Was Pure Genius Or A Complete Fluke

Some people have labelled it the “touch of the tournament”, while others aren’t so sure.

Kalvin Phillips produced an insane first touch in the dying embers of England’s 2-1 victory over Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final.

The moment of individual brilliance was praised by most, but there was a select few skeptics who reckon it was a complete fluke.

Kalvin Phillips. Credit: PA

With the scoreline locked at 1-1 deep into extra time, England were starting to control the game and began mounting an attack on the Danes.

But just as the ball made its way into the final third of the pitch, it was intercepted and hoofed away by a defender wearing red.

The shiny, silver ball was rocketed into orbit and took what seemed like an eternity to finally come back down to earth.

Three Lions midfielder Phillips was standing directly beneath it, but with a Danish player breathing down his neck he still had plenty to do to bring it under control.

With the ball coming from over his shoulders, the 25-year-old shifted his body beautifully to one side and cushioned it with the top of his right boot.

That touch by @Kalvinphillips 👏

— Paul (@PiddlyG) July 7, 2021

But instead of simply trapping it and releasing the ball with a second touch, Phillips managed to pick out a pass which found the feet of Declan Rice in a more advanced position – all with just one touch to bring it down.


The vision to find Rice was one thing, but the perfect control while under pressure was a thing of sheer beauty.

Just like after every time Dimitar Berbatov touched the ball during his Old Trafford days, the crowd inside Wembley Stadium responded by letting out a collective “ahhhh” before clapping.

The BBC’s Dan Walker tweeted: “Touch of the tournament from Kalvin Phillips.”

“While Premier League host Manish Bhasin added: “ThattouchfromPhillips!

A bunch of other fans (mainly England supporters) also flocked to social media to heap praise on the Yorkshire Pirlo for that gorgeous piece of skill.

Touch of the tournament from Kalvin Phillips #ENGDEN

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) July 7, 2021

That touch from Kalvin Phillips!

— Manish Bhasin (@_manishbhasin) July 7, 2021

Sokkah twitter still thinking about that Kalvin Phillips first touch

— Laurie Horesh (@LaurieHoresh) July 7, 2021

Kalvin Phillips touch pass was nuts

— Marshall89HD (@Marshall89HD) July 7, 2021

Taking a moment from cheering on Denmark to appreciate the ludicrous touch from Kalvin Phillips to get the ball to Kane ahead of that peno shout.

— Mark Farrelly (@MarkFarrelly131) July 7, 2021

That penalty claim is going to overshadow Kalvin Phillips making the touch of the tournament a second before … 😵

— Emma (@EmmaBentley7) July 7, 2021

‘THAT’ touch from Kalvin Phillips before the Kane penalty shout was mesmerising. Either goes back to Walker or goes forward like it did to create an attack. Lucky to have Phillips, Rice and Hendo in that 3

— Jonathan Gifford (@jgwiganafc26) July 8, 2021

#ENGDEN Just in case you missed the touch of the game from Kalvin Phillips / Yorkshire Pirlo… #lufc

— Steve Kinsey (@YorkshireDublin) July 7, 2021

Elsewhere, others weren’t too convinced it was actually intentional.

One person tweeted: “Kalvin Phillips miscontrolled a ball but the commentator said what a touch…”

While one bloke added: “Loool what s***e touch from Kalvin Phillips and you got these commentators licking their lips loool.”

Kalvin Phillips miscontrolled a ball but the commentator said what a touch 😭😭😭 it is coming home kawai

— Abu Jawad (@Erons_Ozil11) July 7, 2021

Loool what shite touch from Kalvin Phillips and you got these commentators licking their lips loool.

— Hassan (@adunbilivit) July 7, 2021

Either way, the Three Lions faithful will undoubtedly be raving about Phillips’ touch for years to come – and rightly so.

The youngster has featured in every game at Euro 2020 so far and his solid performances in the middle of the park could see his stock rise massively when he returns back to Leeds.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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