Fans have all noticed the same thing as a new angle of Alejandro Garnacho’s offside call has surfaced

A new angle of the offside decision that disallowed Alejandro Garnacho’s goal for Manchester United against Arsenal has surfaced, and fans are expressing a common sentiment about the build-up to the goal.

Garnacho believed he had given his team a 2-1 lead at the Emirates Stadium in the 88th minute after making a run towards the goal and placing the ball into the bottom right corner.

His finish sparked jubilant celebrations among the away supporters, who believed they were on the verge of securing a significant victory over their rivals in north London.

However, joy quickly turned to disappointment as VAR reviewed the goal and instructed referee Anthony Taylor to disallow it on the field.

Subsequently, in the sixth minute of added time, Manchester United conceded a goal when Declan Rice found the bottom corner via a deflection.

Gabriel Jesus sealed the scoring for Arsenal, skillfully breaking the offside trap, cutting inside past Diogo Dalot, and finding the bottom corner to secure a 3-1 victory for his team.

Despite manager Erik ten Hag’s objections to the decision after the game, a video breakdown posted by an Arsenal supporter has provided additional clarity that the offside call was indeed correct.

A new angle has since emerged, making the decision even more evident. Fans have noticed a particular moment in the build-up, focusing on the movement of Arsenal defender Gabriel. He initially prepared to track Alejandro Garnacho before checking back to create an effective offside trap. This analysis reinforces the correctness of the offside decision.

And the Brazilian has received plenty of praise from Gunners fans for just how quickly he reacted to the situation – with some even claiming that his decision led to Arsenal winning the game.

One fan wrote: “This is world class. It has won his team three points. Unreal defending.”

Another added: “This is experience and football IQ at its best. Gabriel, one of the most under-appreciated players.”

A third said: “As long as he’s available, he should be starting. None of this experiment nonsense.”

And a fourth claimed: “The genius in this would be appreciated in a few years. He knows Garnacho is faster, and if that ball gets to him, it’s over. What does he do? Gambles the offside trap.”

Even some United supporters were impressed, with one posting: “This is as valuable as a goal, wow.”

Other fans, meanwhile, were left in no doubt by the new angle that Garnacho was indeed offside, with the decision – and Arsenal’s two late goals – meaning United have now failed to win two of their opening four Premier League games this season.

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