Fans have noticed Lionel Messi’s bodyguard accompanying him at all times, even when he’s on the pitch

Fans have noticed the presence of Lionel Messi’s bodyguard, who accompanies the Inter Miami star everywhere, including when he’s on the pitch.

Last month, it was confirmed that Messi would be departing European football, leaving Paris Saint-Germain for MLS side Inter Miami.

Since Messi’s arrival, Inter Miami has maintained an unbeaten record and recently secured their first trophy by winning the Leagues Cup.

In Wednesday night’s match, Messi and Inter Miami faced Cincinnati in the US Open Cup. Despite being 2-0 down, Messi played a pivotal role in his team’s comeback, leading them to a dramatic 5-4 victory through a penalty shootout.

During the match, a pitchside video of Inter Miami’s late equaliser was posted on social media and fans spotted Messi’s bodyguard running up the touchline to stay close to the Argentine. You can watch below…

Fans were quick to react on social media.

One said: “Peep Messi’s bodyguard, this guy follows him EVERYWHERE.”

Another tweeted: “Leo Messi’s personal bodyguard at Inter Miami is everywhere…”

A third fan added: “Messi the GOAT has a bodyguard even in the pitch.”

Someone else wrote: “The Bodyguard is the most joyous man in Earth now, he sees Messi nearly every minutes.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “Well, Messi’s bodyguard making sure nothing happens to the GOAT.”

Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas said back in June: “Security will obviously be enhanced. Players will be bussed in, going through a tunnel. All of those security protocols are already prepared both for here and away. And it’s not only for our games.

“It’s going to be an everyday occurrence and something we witnessed and I thought handled very well when (Messi) was here with Argentina before the World Cup.”

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He added: “As you may recall, Argentina trained in Miami before they flew over to to Doha. We had an opportunity to see some of the Messi mania at our doors on an everyday basis during practice. So, we’re very prepared. We’ve been getting ready for this.”

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