Fans left baffled by Arsenal VAR offside decision for Gabriel Martinelli disallowed goal against Everton

Fans were left puzzled when Gabriel Martinelli’s goal for Arsenal was disallowed due to an offside in the build-up against Everton.

The Brazilian believed he had given Arsenal the lead at Goodison Park, but the goal was ultimately ruled out. Martinelli had timed his run perfectly to get behind Ashley Young and score past Jordan Pickford. However, a VAR review determined that Eddie Nketiah had returned from an offside position, leading to the disallowed goal.

Gary Neville, on co-commentary duty for Sky Sports, was left confused and unsure if there were any better angles available to make the decision – saying, “it looks to me like a little bit of guesswork”.

But even more strange was the fact that the ball played by Gabriel had actually deflected off Everton striker Beto, and so there was the feeling that it didn’t matter of Nketiah was offside ever so slightly.

One fan said: “Hold on what’s the rule? Gabriel wasn’t even trying to put in an attacking pass. How is that offside?”

A second added: “Gabriel is playing a sidewards pass, it cannons off an Everton player towards the Arsenal man and they deem it OFFSIDE.”

A third weighed in: “I don’t understand the offside rule anymore. One day if the ball comes off the opposing player last it’s not off, but when Arsenal play it is.”

A fourth added: “Thought it came off Beto. Don’t understand how it was given an offside.”

A fifth user stated: “I feel like Arsenal just had a goal ruled out for offside for a backwards pass in their own half.”

A sixth summarised: “Arsenal deserve some offside shenanigans against them after the Garnacho call the other week, but this very much looks onside.”

To make matters worse for Arsenal, Martinelli went down with an injury moments later and had to be replaced by Leandro Trossard.