Fans love Ryan Reynolds’ incredible interview after Wrexham beat Notts County in National League thriller

Wrexham have taken a huge step towards Football League promotion after overcoming Notts County in a tense encounter at The Racecourse Ground.

With both sides level on 100 points at the top of the National League, the match was always going to be a crucial one.

In the end, it was Wrexham who emerged victorious, thanks to some late drama that saw them hold on for a 3-2 win despite a late penalty for Notts County.

It was a moment of high drama at The Racecourse Ground as Ben Foster became the hero of the hour, denying Notts County’s Cedwyn Scott from the spot to help Wrexham claim a vital win.

The final whistle followed soon after, bringing an end to a tense and thrilling encounter.

The eyes of the world were on The Racecourse Ground as Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the celebrity co-owners of Wrexham, looked on from the stands.

The Hollywood stars saw their team produce a memorable performance to secure a crucial win over Notts County and take a step closer to Football League promotion.

Reynolds gave a brilliant interview with BT Sport after the game. View it below…

He started: “I don’t feel like I have a heart any more. I think I used all the beats I had left during that match. That was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

“Indicative of all of you lifers that have watched and participated in this game – this beautiful torturous game forever – I’m grateful in this moment that I didn’t care about this years ago because it would have eaten me alive. That was quite something.

“It’s troubling how hooked I am. Usually I’m not at a loss for words but I am genuinely in a loss for words at this moment. I don’t quite know hot to quantify what just happened.”

Reynolds was very complimentary of his players and was also glowing in his praise for Notts County.

He added: “I feel an immense sense of pride [in Wrexham’s players]. The inner strength these guys had, it’s such a mental game… they rose to the occasion in every way.

“But also what makes it so special is how powerful, how special, how unique Notts County is. They are the real story here.

“What they’ve done this season… losing their CEO, Jason Turner. Who I have grown to know and learn he was beloved in Notts but also here. I have such enormous respect for everything they’ve built and done.

“It’s just insane to me that in this league just one goes up automatically. If it were different – and I think it should be – both of these clubs would be celebrating together right now. Because what they’ve done is… not only created drama unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a damn movie, but something that people will talk about for ages.

“The fact that this much attention has come upon the National League in this way I think is incredibly special and immensely worthy of the talents not only of Wrexham but Notts County as well. What they’ve done is so special – so unique.”

Reynolds also said that he was going to hug Foster so hard that he’ll injure him.

He continued: “I’m used to working under extreme pressure, but usually I have some kind of control over it. I have nothing here, all I can do is watch and hope like everybody else.

“It was a pressure cooker coming into it for both of these teams. What both have achieved is historic on every level and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that.

“When I get my hands on Ben Foster, he’s gonna be on the injured list because I’m gonna break ribs I’m gonna hug him so hard.”

Reynolds is being praised by football fans for his interview. View some reaction below…

Fan Reaction

Wrexham are now in a strong position at the top of the National League, with a three-point lead over Notts County and a game in hand.

With just four games left to play, the Welsh side are within touching distance of promotion to League Two, and need only seven points to secure their place in the Football League.

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