Fans mocked Chelsea’s Christopher Nkunku over the height of his free-kick

Chelsea’s summer signing, Christopher Nkunku, has become the subject of brutal mockery on social media due to a recent video showing his free-kick attempt during training.

The French international joined Chelsea from RB Leipzig in a high-profile transfer worth a reported fee of £51 million last month. Throughout the club’s pre-season tour of the United States, Nkunku has showcased impressive performances, scoring two goals in wins against Wrexham and Brighton.

However, a recent training video depicting Nkunku’s free-kick practice has garnered attention and sparked discussions among fans. The video’s content, likely showing a less successful attempt or a humorous moment, has given rise to playful banter and jests on social media platforms.

Despite the light-hearted teasing, Nkunku’s overall impact on Chelsea’s pre-season matches has been positive, and supporters are eagerly anticipating his contributions in the upcoming season.You can watch the footage below.

Fans were quick to react to the height of Nkunku’s free-kick attempt on social media.

One said: “That wouldn’t go over a wall of even Messi and Aguero.”

Another tweeted: “I think you find most professional footballers can take a good long shot, with no wall and no defenders in front of them… doesn’t necessarily make them good at free kicks.”

A third fan added: “Yeah that’s in the wall mate.”

Someone else wrote: “That’s going straight into the wall lol.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “Wouldn’t clear a wall of Ryan Frasers.”

Another fan said: “That hits the wall every single time.”

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Recently, new Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino spoke about Nkunku’s best position.

He said: “Well I think Nkunku can play in different positions.

“For the circumstances in these two games we use him as a striker, but he can play like an offensive midfielder, like a No.10, like a No.8 or on the side also.”

Pochettino continued: “It’s about the dynamic and the animation of the team and of course the relationship between the team-mates. But he’s a fantastic player and he’s improving every day.”

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Whilst Nkunku said after leading the line against Wrexham: “Yeah this is my position, I like to play this position, to be free to move and fit into space also. So yeah, this is my position and I’m very happy.”

Chelsea will begin their 23/24 Premier League campaign with a huge clash against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on 13 August.

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