Fans notice that Inter Miami has employed a bodyguard for Lionel Messi who closely shadows his movements

Lionel Messi enjoys the presence of a personal bodyguard during his time at Inter Miami, accompanying the seven-time Ballon d’Or laureate at all times.

Messi’s remarkable performance in the MLS has garnered widespread attention, and he could potentially secure his 44th career trophy on Sunday when Inter competes in the Leagues Cup final against Nashville.

The 36-year-old sensation has made an indelible impact with nine goals in his initial six matches, fueling a wave of “Messi-Mania” and prompting fervent interest from fans.

In response to Messi’s high profile, Inter Miami has implemented heightened security measures. Notably, they have enlisted a dedicated bodyguard who shadows Messi’s every move. However, this bodyguard was not present when Messi was surrounded by fans at a Publix store.

Social media videos depict a substantial and imposing figure performing the role, reminiscent of the support Rodrigo De Paul provides Messi during his appearances for the Argentina national team.

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As soon as Messi gets off the team bus, he is there waiting to escort him into the stadium. And with fans taking pictures and asking for autographs, the guard, wearing his Inter attire, ensures they don’t get too close.

In fact, he’s even been seen stopping fans from touching the Barcelona legend and politely moved hands away from Messi’s shoulder.

When Messi goes out to warm-up, he’s always lurking. And then even with games going on, the individual is never too far away.

The bodyguard positions himself along the touchline as Messi displays his prowess on the field, ready to respond promptly should a pitch invader materialize.

In a specific video, following a match’s conclusion, the bodyguard adopts a vigilant stance reminiscent of prime Xavi, meticulously scanning the area to ensure the safety of Messi, keeping a watchful eye for any potential threats.

Furthermore, in another instance, the bodyguard swiftly reacts by placing an Argentina shirt that a fan throws to Messi onto the ground. This action underlines his proactive stance in ensuring Messi’s security and minimizing potential risks.

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The unnamed guard frequently comes onto the pitch after matches and we’re very intrigued to know about his contracted hours and wages.

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