Fans roasted Trent Alexander-Arnold after his disappointing performance against Man City

On the Premier League’s return, Trent Alexander-Arnold had a forgettable game. Despite being called up for the 2022 World Cup, the talented right-back was not included in England’s latest international squad.

However, his performance during Liverpool’s 4-1 defeat to Manchester City on Saturday suggested that he did not use the break to improve his defensive skills.

Despite his talent, Alexander-Arnold struggled against the impressive Jack Grealish.

Every time Grealish took the ball on the left and attacked Liverpool’s right back, it seemed as though City would gain an advantage – and more often than not, they did.

Grealish was eventually named the Man of the Match, having contributed a goal and an assist in what may have been his best performance for City so far.

Although Grealish’s goal was a stunning right-footed finish, Alexander-Arnold’s defending in the build-up was far from ideal.

While he was left in a 2v1 situation on the right, it’s hard to argue that he couldn’t have done much better. Additionally, the fact that he jogged to try and catch up with Grealish’s late run into the box is not a positive reflection on his defensive abilities.

Video: Alexander-Arnold’s defending for Grealish’s goal

Liverpool, including Alexander-Arnold, appears to be struggling both mentally and physically, and they don’t seem to be the same team that almost completed a historic quadruple last season.

In another moment, while City were 3-1 up and cruising on home soil, Alexander-Arnold went walkabout in the extreme, with his odd positioning noticed by fans on social media.

Check out the image…

Not a great look, is it?

Here’s some more fan reaction to Alexander-Arnold’s lacklustre display at the Etihad, including some mockery of his positioning for City’s equaliser…

More fan reaction

Trent and Liverpool have some serious work to do on the training pitch, because a place in the final top four is starting to less and less likely.

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