Fans unanimously express their thoughts after footage from Steven Gerrard’s Al Ettifaq training session surfaces

The emergence of footage showing Steven Gerrard coaching his Al Ettifaq players has sparked discussions among fans.

Initially, there were reports in June suggesting that Gerrard was on the verge of becoming the manager of the Saudi Professional League side, but he denied these claims during BT Sport’s coverage of the Champions League final.

However, in early July, Gerrard reversed his decision and was officially confirmed as the new manager of Al Ettifaq.

Now, with the release of the video showcasing the Liverpool legend coaching his players, fans have been sharing their reactions and expressing similar sentiments.

The video provides an intriguing glimpse into Gerrard’s new role and has generated excitement among fans.

As the footage showed, Gerrard was heard shouting: “One two, one two, do you want it? Tell me then, tell me then.”

Gerrard was then heard shouting to his group: “No communication.”

Fans were quick to react on social media.

One said: “I don’t know what this is supposed to be.”

Another tweeted: “Me when I play with my 2 year old.”

A third fan added: “Genuinely no clue what he’s trying to do here poor players are in trouble.”

Someone else wrote: “This is the type of coaching I see in Sunday league sksksks why are u teaching professional footballers about communication.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “They’ve got no clue what a man with a thick scouse accent is yelling at them and I don’t blame them one bit.”

Another fan said: “I can’t begin to imagine the confusion of this with a language barrier.”

Upon being appointed manager, Gerrard said: “I think my message to the supporters is that I am really happy and I am really excited. I am a coach that is very ambitious, that likes to work tirelessly to make sure the team is very competitive and I am looking forward to meeting the supporters and so are my staff.

“I want to be part of that culture from the playing side and try to improve and build relationships with the people above me and hopefully together we can be the support the team needs to get better and move up the table.”

How well do you think Gerrard will do as Al Ettifaq manager? Let us know in the comments.

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