FC Dallas players were seen taking photographs with Lionel Messi following their penalty shootout loss

Following their penalty shootout defeat to Inter Miami in the Leagues Cup, FC Dallas players were spotted taking photos with none other than Lionel Messi.

Since joining Inter Miami just last month, Messi has already made quite an impact, notching an impressive tally of seven goals – and all of this without even participating in an MLS game.

All four of his appearances thus far have been in Leagues Cup matches, and remarkably, Inter Miami has emerged victorious in each one.

However, the recent match against FC Dallas presented Gerardo Martino’s side with their closest challenge during Messi’s time with the club.

After initially trailing 3-1, Inter Miami managed to level the score at 4-4 by full-time, with Messi, unsurprisingly, delivering a critical 85th-minute equalizer – his second goal of the game.

This remarkable moment materialized in the form of a trademark stunning free-kick from 25 yards out, gracefully nestling into the top corner of the net.

Such was the impact of this goal that even the franchise owner of Inter Miami, David Beckham, was visibly moved, rising from his seat to applaud the feat.

Messi’s influence persisted into the penalty shootout, confidently converting his own spot kick as Beckham and the rest of the audience watched on.

Indeed, the Argentinian team under Messi’s influence displayed remarkable precision during the penalty shootout, successfully converting all five of their penalties and securing yet another triumphant outcome.

On the other hand, FC Dallas experienced a setback as Paxton Pomykal failed to convert his penalty.

While the hosts managed to successfully convert their other penalties, including a contribution from star striker Jesus Ferreira, these efforts proved insufficient to change the outcome of the match.

As a result, Inter Miami’s jubilant celebration ensued, marking their victory in the penalty shootout. Interestingly, despite their defeat, players from the opposing team seized the opportunity to capture the moment with Messi, engaging in photographs with the iconic football figure.

This gesture highlights the profound impact Messi has on the game and the mutual respect and admiration shared among athletes.

FC Dallas players take pictures with Messi

As the highest-profile arrival in MLS history, sports coverage in the United States has been dominated by Messi.

Fans have been desperate to watch the Argentinian play live, and his first appearance was the most-watched football game in US history.

But it isn’t just fans that want to meet the iconic forward. Opposition players, it appears, want to do likewise – and FC Dallas players approached Messi after the end of the shootout on Sunday.

You can see the footage below.

While the clip probably won’t go down too well with FC Dallas fans after their side’s defeat – and there is potentially a better time and place to grab a photo with Messi – it shows the impact that the 36-year-old has already had on football in the United States.

Messi does have a project on his hands, though, with Inter Miami the worst-performing team in the entire MLS in 2023. Judging by his performances already, you sense that may change soon enough.

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