Fede Valverde’s leaked EA FC 24 card is ranked as the second ‘most complete’ of all time

Fede Valverde’s rating in EA FC 24 has been leaked online, and it’s the second-highest ‘most complete’ card in the game’s history.

EA FC 24, set to be released on September 29, marks the first game under the new banner following a 30-year partnership with FIFA.

The new game brings several significant changes, including the introduction of women in Ultimate Team for the first time. Player career mode has been enhanced, gameplay improvements have been made, and new skill moves are introduced.

Moreover, there’s a fresh commentary team as an alternative option to the current duo of Derek Rae and Stewart Robson, with Guy Mowbray and Sue Smith taking the microphones for the first time in the FIFA/EA FC series.

In anticipation of the official release, leaks have unveiled player ratings in EA FC 24, with Lionel Messi receiving a higher rating than Cristiano Ronaldo. Ratings for players from Arsenal and Chelsea have also circulated on social media.

Fede Valverde is the latest player to have his EA FC 24 card leaked online, and it’s reported to be the second-most complete card in EA Sports franchise history.

Image: via@Camaverde_

Fede Valverde’s impressive EA FC 24 card boasts the following ratings: 88 for pace, 82 for shooting, 84 for passing, 83 for dribbling, 80 for defense, and 82 for physicality, resulting in an overall rating of 88.

The sum of his individual stats comes to a total of 499, which is just four points behind Wayne Rooney’s FIFA 11 card. The legendary Manchester United player also had an overall rating of 88, but his individual ratings added up to an impressive 503.

Valverde, at 25 years old, made his debut for Real Madrid during the 2018/19 season and has consistently been one of the club’s top performers. He has earned a reputation as one of the world’s best midfielders, and his EA FC 24 card certainly reflects that sentiment.

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