First club open to joining the Super League emerges and could join forces with Barcelona and Real Madrid

The first club open to joining the European Super League to join forces with Real Madrid and Barcelona has emerged.

The likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan have distanced themselves from the ambitious project.

However, La Liga giants Real and Barca have backed the ESL, calling the EU court ruling a ‘great day for football’.

They could be joined by Napoli, who would be ‘ready to participate’ in discussions with other major European clubs to build the project together.

That’s according toAgenzia Anzaas the Italian outlet claim the ESL project is welcomed by Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis.

The Naples-based club, who are fifth in Serie A, are the only Italian side that has shown their support for the ESL.

The aforementioned Inter, AS Roma and Serie C outfit Pescara, who shared a hilarious ‘statement’ on social media, have ruled out joining the ESL.

Aurelio De Laurentiis in the stands for a Champions League match. Image: Getty

While the A22 Sports Management-backed project has been widely condemned, Simon Jordan has offered an alternative point of view.

On talkSPORT, he said: “I think most of the grown ups in the room knew this was going to be an outcome that was going to be put back into play.

“Because when you get out of football and into the legal system and you look at anti-competition and monopoly, you are always going to find yourself in a situation where governing bodies that are monopolising the commercial revenue streams of European football, are going to be challenged legally.

“No one has had the chutzpah to do it previously. Football’s on a different journey and I really don’t understand what all the furore is all about.”

The former Crystal Palace chairman added: “Put aside the initial reaction of the lack of meritocracy because that was the only issue on the table, all the hysteria and the call to action for the fans to get involved, was only ever about one thing – the lack of ability to get in there on you competitive achievements.

“Once that is removed, where’s the hysteria? No-one knows what this European Super League consists of.

“No-one knows that it prejudices the domestic landscape anyway than the creation of Premier League prejudiced the English football pyramid.

“Anyone thinking they’d prefer FIFA and UEFA to have complete control must be deranged!”

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