Footage emerges of Lionel Messi’s movement before League Cup final goal

A remarkable video showcasing Lionel Messi’s movement leading up to his incredible goal for Inter Miami against Nashville has become widely popular online.

In the Leagues Cup final victory against Nashville, Messi scored his 10th goal for Inter Miami, helping his new team secure their first-ever trophy since their establishment in 2020.

The video, captured by a fan inside the stadium, captures the moments before Messi’s goal, highlighting his impeccable movement and anticipation. In the footage, Messi is seen calmly observing the play, occasionally standing still to assess the situation on the pitch.

After a period of observing, Messi suddenly bursts into action, making a sharp run from the right wing and signaling for the ball. Once he receives it, he showcases his trademark dribbling skills, evading a defender before expertly curling the ball into the net.

The sequence showcases Messi’s ability to read the game, time his runs, and execute moments of brilliance that have become a hallmark of his illustrious career.

The video has captured the attention of football fans worldwide, marveling at Messi’s exceptional footballing intelligence and skill.

Messi’s movement before his goal vs Nashville SC
by u/marshall1995 in soccer

Messi’s legendary movement is nothing new. He’s been doing it his whole career. Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand summed up the superstar forward’s movement, calling him an ‘alien’ in glowing praise.

“He produced a couple of moments where you just go ‘woah’,” said Ferdinand.

“He wasn’t even at his best today but the best three or four dribbles in the game were by Messi and the best three or four passes in the game were by Messi and he was the best player in the pitch.”

He added: “He’s an alien, he’s different, there is no-one like him.

“When you watch him live you spend time watching him closely and he looks so disinterested sometimes and then bang, he lights the game up.”

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