Footage of Cristiano Ronaldo and cameraman goes viral after Al-Nassr 0-0 Al-Shabab

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A video capturing an incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo and a cameraman is gaining popularity on social media after Al-Nassr’s 0-0 draw against Al-Shabab on Friday.

During the Arab Club Champions Cup match, Ronaldo began on the bench and entered the game as a substitute in the 62nd minute.

However, despite his presence on the field, Al-Nassr couldn’t score a goal, resulting in a winless streak of five matches for the club.

It’s worth noting that the previous four matches were friendly games against European teams.

As Ronaldo walked off the pitch at the King Fahd Sport City Stadium, the legendary Portuguese forward displayed visible frustration.

He was seen shaking his head and engaged in a conversation with someone on the touchline. The footage from the stands captured this moment, which is now circulating widely on social media platforms.

As Cristiano Ronaldo left the pitch, a cameraman and his assistant followed him closely and positioned themselves next to him while he was having some water.

Feeling annoyed by being continuously filmed, Ronaldo squirted some of his water at the cameraman as a gesture of frustration.

He then sternly told the cameraman and his assistant to move away from him, which they promptly did, respecting his request.

The incident captured attention on social media due to Ronaldo’s reaction to the unwanted filming.

You can watch the footage here:

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo’s actions towards the cameraman and his assistant have drawn criticism online. Many people believe that the legendary former Manchester United and Real Madrid superstar overreacted in the situation.

From their perspective, the cameraman and his assistant were merely performing their professional duties, capturing footage of the game and the players, including Ronaldo.

While frustrations can arise in such circumstances, some feel that Ronaldo’s response was unwarranted, considering the cameraman and his assistant were just doing their jobs in documenting the match and the players’ activities.

As a high-profile athlete, Ronaldo is often under the spotlight, and incidents like this can spark discussions about the boundaries between personal space and media coverage in the sports world.

On the other hand, everyone knows Ronaldo is a fierce competitor and it’s certainly no surprise that he didn’t take kindly to being followed by the cameraman after failing to win the match for Al-Nassr.

It’s hard to believe the incident would have happened had he just scored in the winning goal.

Ronaldo appeared to have cooled down by the time he left the stadium.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner was filmed signing autographs for fans and posing for photographs.

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