Footage surfaces of Jurgen Klopp watching Jude Bellingham’s winning goal for Real Madrid

Footage capturing Jurgen Klopp’s reaction while watching Jude Bellingham’s last-minute winning goal for Real Madrid in the Champions League has surfaced, and it speaks volumes.

Bellingham scored his sixth goal in six appearances for his new club during stoppage time, securing a 1-0 victory for Real Madrid over Union Berlin, with Carlo Ancelotti’s team celebrating their hero once again at the Bernabeu.

During the summer, Liverpool had expressed interest in signing the 20-year-old midfielder. However, Klopp decided to withdraw from the race due to the exceptionally high transfer fees involved.

Ultimately, Bellingham joined Real Madrid, leaving many Liverpool fans feeling disappointed about the missed opportunity. Klopp’s reaction in the footage likely reflects the sentiments of those fans.

Jurgen Klopp was shown a video clip of Jude Bellingham’s recent goal for Los Blancos during a press conference. In response, the Liverpool boss appeared somewhat deflated, emitting a quiet chuckle while muttering “Bellingham” before shaking his head with a smile.

It remains uncertain whether Klopp’s reaction indicated genuine happiness for the young player’s success or if he was finding it challenging to conceal his disappointment that Bellingham wasn’t donning a Liverpool shirt.

Speaking on Wednesday, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher tipped Bellingham to move to Liverpool later in his career – a suggestion which was promptly shut down by Arsenal legend Thierry Henry.

Meanwhile, Bellingham spoke glowingly of his new life in the Spanish capital, explaining: “It’s even more special than I thought. I get goosebumps just talking about it now. I’m just so grateful to be at this club.

“I talk about the staff and the players but there is the fans as well who as you arrive to the stadium are there in their thousands just to get a glimpse of the bus and then they are there before the warm-up.

“You don’t really understand how big this club is until you are here.”

Discussing his impressive goal return, he explained: “It was just that mentality that we have shown all season that even if there are setbacks we just keep going until the end and I always believe there will be chances and it is just about being in the right position to take them.”

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