Gareth Southgate tuned in as Simon Jordan deconstructed his career on talkSPORT, delivering a chilling retort

Gareth Southgate has responded strongly to Simon Jordan’s recent comments, wherein he labeled him as an ‘average’ and ‘steady individual,’ while also asserting that England won’t emerge victorious in Euro 2024.

The Three Lions have made an impressive start in their Euro 2024 qualifying campaign, triumphing in their first four matches as they strive to secure a place in the tournament set to be held in Germany next summer.

Should England successfully secure their position in Euro 2024, they are bound to be considered one of the top contenders for clinching the championship title.

However, Simon Jordan holds a contrary view on England’s prospects, expressing skepticism about their chances.

The former Crystal Palace owner directed his criticism at Gareth Southgate, implying that Southgate lacks a winning mentality and making reference to the squad’s potential.

He also called out the 52-year-old’s character, describing him as ‘average’ and ‘steady individual’.

Well, Southgate made an appearance ontalkSPORTand listened to Jordan’s dismantling before giving a thorough response.

“You can only answer that by winning,” said Southgate, who has guided England to a World Cup semi-final.

“Only one team can win and you’ve got two opportunists every fours years to do that.

“These players have given this country some incredible nights over recent years and the appreciation for what they’ve done is important, because in the past there has been a lot of fear around playing for England.

“As manager you want to win and I know I’ve got to prove it.”

He added: “I had no track record coming into this job, I was Middlesbrough manager and then England Under-21s manager, I didn’t have CV like Fabio Capello of winning major trophies.

“But six years on I’ve managed some of the biggest games in world football and I’ve improved a huge amount.

“I know the steps I have to take to prove it to people, but the reality is that unless you lift the trophy you’re not going to be deemed one.”

How will England fare at Euro 2024 should they qualify for the competition? Let us know.

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