Gary Neville claims that Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta’s touchline antics inspired Premier League rule change

Gary Neville’s claim that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta played a role in the Premier League’s decision to change the rules on touchline behavior suggests that Arteta’s actions and gestures in the technical area drew attention and criticism from officials and observers.

Arteta’s animated behavior and appeals at refereeing decisions during matches had sparked discussions about touchline conduct.

Arteta’s response in January, indicating that he had no intention of altering his touchline behavior despite calls for moderation, reflects his commitment to his coaching style and his approach to motivating and directing his team during matches.

The Premier League’s decision to adjust rules related to touchline conduct may have been influenced by a desire to maintain a certain level of decorum and respect within the technical area, ensuring that coaches communicate with match officials in a professional and respectful manner.

Ultimately, the debate around touchline behavior highlights the broader discussions about sportsmanship, respect, and conduct in professional football.

Different managers have their own unique styles of interaction on the sidelines, and striking the right balance between passion and respect is an ongoing challenge.

“Every manager behaves differently regarding the circumstances,” he said after clashing with Newcastle manager Eddie Howe. “You cannot take the context out of a situation – I don’t think that is fair.”

Arteta added: “That’s me! Whether I am here or on the pitch, that’s me – the good and the bad!”

Now, it appears Arteta will have to modify his behaviour after the Premier League, along with The FA, EFL and the referees’ governing body, released a new set of rules ahead of the new season.

For one, players and managers have been told they must not confront, invade the personal space of, or make physical contact with the match officials.

And as part of the changes, only one coach is allowed to stand at the front of the technical area at a time, while one other is allowed to stand, but only if they remain near the technical area seating.

Referees are also empowered to take a “robust approach” and show yellow and red cards for where conduct falls below the expected standards.

In fact, Arteta became the first casualty of the rule changes on Sunday, when he was shown a yellow card after just 18 minutes during their Community Shield clash against Manchester City.

He is said to have berated the fourth official after a City player escaped a yellow card.

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After the full-time whistle, Mikel Arteta said he will adapt to the new rule changes which saw him pick up a yellow card on the touchline, although he did say he “can’t change my behaviour in three days.”

Speaking on an episode ofThe Overlap, former Manchester United defender Gary Neville suggested Arteta’s touchline behaviour was a reason behind the rule changes.

He said: “I spoke to a non-league coach and they had a briefing in pre-season about touchline behaviour and they said that Arteta was a big reason that it was brought in, because of last season’s behaviour.”

Jamie Carragher also gave his thoughts on Arteta’s antics on the touchline.

“I thought it was interesting watching the game how wound up Arteta was on the side of the pitch after about 10 minutes,” the former Liverpool centre-back said.

“I love passion, we [Liverpool] have got Jurgen Klopp, you love it when he’s involved and we all love to see our managers show that. But I just thought it was too much. Ten minutes into the Community Shield?

“He got a yellow card himself because he wanted someone booked for pulling a shirt and I thought, “Wow!”

“He was that incensed this early season! It’s like, this is a long season – a very long season – they’re back in the Champions League as well.”

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