Gary Neville is being rinsed for ‘mini-retirements’ analogy during podcast appearance

Gary Neville has sent the internet into raptures with his description of a holiday.

With the Premier League season drawing to a close, Neville and other pundits will have the chance to put their feet up for a few weeks before the hard work starts again in pre-season in preparation for the new campaign.

Of course they don’t have to, though, and Neville doesn’t sound like he will.

Speaking on Steve Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast, the Sky pundit talked listeners through how he likes to refresh and recharge from work… with “mini-retirements” throughout the year, rather than one big break at the end of it.

“What you can do is have mini-retirements during the year and that’s what I’ve tried to do,” he said. “I don’t do it very well.

“For instance, this weekend, I’m going to Spain Friday to Monday morning. That’s like a mini-retirement.

“It’s a weekend,” the response from a confused Bartlett.

“It’s a mini-retirement,” Neville continued. “It’s where I basically can say for three days, I’m there, and I don’t think about work. I will, but…

“Sometimes my best ideas come when I’m on these types of trips. But then in six weeks, I’ll have another mini-retirement for five days or four days. Rather than thinking you’re going to stop for six months and sort of have a sabbatical, that’s probably not going to happen with people like you or I because we just basically don’t work that way.

“So to have lots of mini-retirements during the year is what I’ve tried to do in the last few years.”

If only someone had thought of that before.

The internet cracked up at Neville’s words, with one Twitter user posting: “Absolutely dying at this clip of Gary Neville seeming to discover what a holiday is.”

Another said: “When I’m tired, at the end of each day.. I go to sleep, not for 6 months, just for about 7/8 hours.”

A third added: “Didn’t know he was aiming to become the next business guru.”

Enjoy retirement, Gary.

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