Gavi manhandled Rodrygo and clashes with Vinicius Jr, the angriest teenager in football

That’s certainly been a tough situation for Gavi to deal with, and it seems like it’s had an impact on his temperament on the pitch.

In the latest Clasico, Gavi clashed with both Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr of Real Madrid.

In one incident, Gavi manhandled Rodrygo off the ball, grabbing him by the neck, which led to a confrontation between the two players.

Later in the game, Gavi clashed with Vinicius Jr, with the Brazilian winger responding to a challenge from the teenager by pushing him away. Gavi then got up and confronted Vinicius, before being separated by other players.

It’s not uncommon for young players to show their emotions on the pitch, and Gavi is still only 17 years old. However, he will need to learn to control his temper if he is to continue to develop into one of the best midfielders in the world.

The 18-year-old’s increasingly frequent outbursts on the pitch may be attributed to something that is yet to be determined.

In the recent Clasico game in La Liga, the young footballer tackled fellow Spain midfielder Dani Ceballos just before their scheduled collaboration during the upcoming international break.

During the second leg of their Copa del Rey semi-final against Barcelona’s rivals on Wednesday night, the midfielder once again showed signs of aggression. He was caught on camera grabbing at Real forward Rodrygo’s neck and pushing him as they fought for the ball.

Despite escaping a yellow card for the aforementioned incident, the Spanish footballer was not entirely free of cautions during the game.

The ex-Real Betis youth academy player was embroiled in a familiar skirmish with a Brazilian forward, in line with his usual behavior on the pitch.

Throughout the game, the young Spanish midfielder engaged in a few incidents with Vinicius Jr. During one such altercation, Gavi collided with the Brazilian forward, who was attempting to fend off Ronald Araujo.

Perturbed by the clash, Vinicius then got up and tried to grab the ball off the midfielder, before a bit of pushing and shoving ensued, leading to both men getting booked.

The caption of the post may suggest that it was shared by a Barcelona supporter, but it is difficult to deny that Gavi played a significant role in the incident.

The altercation occurred moments before the first half ended, and despite the clear involvement of both players, it would be unfair to absolve Gavi of his part in it.

It is evident from the caption that the post was made by a Barcelona fan, but it cannot be denied that Gavi was heavily involved in the incident. After the altercation, both players continued to taunt and provoke each other as they made their way to their respective dressing rooms at half-time.

It wasn’t a good night for the Catalan giants, who took a one goal lead into the second leg at the Nou Camp, but couldn’t keep their rivals at bay.

Vinicius Jr levelled the game just before the half time break, before a Ramadan observing Karim Benzema scored a second half hat-trick, to send Carlo Ancelotti’s side into the final, where they’ll face Osasuna.

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