Harry Kane approached the referee to argue and then realized he couldn’t speak German

It seems that Harry Kane’s debut for Bayern Munich didn’t go as planned, with the team suffering a 3-0 defeat to RB Leipzig in the DFL Supercup final.

During the match, there appeared to be an awkward exchange between Kane and the match referee, which might have added to his frustration on what was likely a disappointing debut for him.

Such interactions are not uncommon on the field, especially in competitive matches where players and referees can have differing opinions on decisions or actions.

Despite the less-than-ideal start, Kane will have opportunities to bounce back and make a positive impact for Bayern Munich in the upcoming season.

It sounds like Dani Olmo had an impressive match, scoring a hat-trick for RB Leipzig against Bayern Munich in the DFL Supercup final.

Scoring in the third minute and then adding two more goals before the break, Olmo’s performance likely contributed significantly to Leipzig’s victory.

The penalty situation you described, where Noussair Mazraoui handled the ball and a penalty was awarded, led to protests from both Bayern players and fans.

It’s common for players to react strongly to such decisions, as emotions can run high in competitive matches.

While it’s unfortunate that Harry Kane’s debut with Bayern Munich was marred by the defeat and the contentious penalty situation, he’ll have more opportunities to showcase his skills and contribute to the team’s success in the upcoming season.

Kane was unable to win his first trophy of his career, with Thomas Tuchel left feeling sorry for his new star man.

“I’m just sorry for him. He probably thinks we haven’t trained for four weeks. Our performance today had nothing to do with what we set out to do. It’s a very bitter evening, I’m sorry,” he said.

Asked whether it was fair to throw the England captain on for 30 minutes without much training, he replied: “I feel sorry for him but he wanted to play, he was ready to play and we decided to give him some minutes, why shouldn’t we? I feel sorry, we didn’t create for him. But he’ll help us.

“Harry will start against Bremen and will play every game. He’s our No.9.”

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