Harry Kane has scored on his first start for Bayern Munich

The English national player found the net during his inaugural start for Bayern, enhancing the score to 2-0, after having supplied the assist for the opening goal by the Bavarian team.

Kane’s premier goal in German football transpired following effective play from Alphonso Davies on the left flank. The Canadian international adeptly fed the center-forward, who was positioned unmarked in the box between the Bremen center-backs.

Executing his signature move, the English star allowed the ball to glide across his body before delivering a characteristic strike into the lower left corner of the net. The shot notably took a slight deflection off defender Amos Pieper, which worked in favor of the captain of the Three Lions.

Kane’s goal marked his final involvement in the match, as the 30-year-old was substituted shortly afterward due to cramps.

A mere four minutes into the game, Kane left his imprint on his new team by securing an early assist. His skillful flick directed Leroy Sane towards goal, and the German winger calmly slotted the ball past the goalkeeper and into the bottom left corner.

The outcome saw Bayern emerge victorious with a resounding 4-0 triumph.

In a dramatic turn of events, Kane departed from Tottenham last week in a transfer valued at potentially £100 million, thereby concluding a 19-year association with the club from north London.

In doing so he became the first active England captain to leave the Premier League since David Beckham joined Real Madrid from Manchester United back in 2003.

Explaining his decision to join Bayern, Kane toldESPN: “People talk a lot about trophies and there’s a lot about on social media and about trophy trophies but for me it’s to always improve.

“Of course I want to win. I want to win every year. When I was at Tottenham, I’ve never gone into a season not trying to win the trophies. So of course we know it hasn’t quite happened for me yet, but I’ve got plenty of years to try and achieve that.

“It’s not just the trophies, it’s to push myself to be at a club like Munich, the pressure is a lot higher and you have to make sure you are winning titles. You have to make sure you are getting far in the Champions League, otherwise you’ve failed. And that’s an experience I want it to feel. That’s a pressure I want it to feel and that’s ultimately why I’ve come.”

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