“He was furious” – Cristiano Ronaldo’s chance at a first-half hat-trick was thwarted by an exceptionally harsh decision

Cristiano Ronaldo was denied a potential first-half hat-trick for Al Nassr due to an exceptionally harsh ruling.

The five-time Ballon d’Or recipient displayed remarkable aerial ability in the penalty area, directing a header perfectly into the top corner. However, his goal was disallowed due to a minor push detected in the box.

After the decision, Ronaldo’s frustration was evident as he was heard expressing his displeasure with expletives, exclaiming, “Always against me! F***ing hell.”

Having successfully converted a penalty just moments earlier, the 38-year-old would have achieved a hat-trick before half-time if the disallowed goal had stood. Ronaldo once again demonstrated his precision from the penalty spot in the 38th minute.

In a different role, he later contributed as an assist provider, setting up Sadio Mane to secure a 3-0 lead before halftime. You can view Ronaldo’s disallowed goal in the attached video.

Had the goal been awarded, it would have been Ronaldo’s second hat-trick in consecutive matches. However, the Portuguese superstar will have another 45 minutes to ensure he picks up the match ball.

Replying to the video on Twitter, fans were shocked by the decision and claimed that the refereeing was “corrupt”.

“Corruption against Al Nassr and Cristiano Ronaldo continues,” one user wrote.

“It is getting too obvious, wow”, another added.

“Even Cristiano haters would agree that is blatant robbery”, a third exclaimed.

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